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1-gen-2013 The role of education in the reconciliation between female occupation and family responsibilities at mid-life: the Italian case Bordone, Valeria; Rosina, Alessandro
1-gen-2003 The Role of Expectations in Economic Fluctuations and the Efficay of Monetary Policy Motolese, Maurizio; Kurz, Mordecai; Jin, Hehui
1-gen-2013 The role of firm and national level factors in fostering R&D cooperation: a cross country comparison Franco, Chiara; Gussoni, Manuela
1-gen-2013 The role of institutions in the evolution of service ecosystems Sebastiani, Roberta; Corsaro, Daniela; Vargo, Stephen
1-gen-2005 The Role of Logistics Competences in the Fashion Business Belvedere, Valeria
1-gen-2015 The Role of Non-Technological Innovations in Services: The Case of Food Retailing Timpano, Francesco; D'Ippolito, Beatrice
1-gen-1994 The Role of Profit in State Owned Enterprise Russo, Paolo
1-gen-2010 The role of skill enhancing trade in Brazil Vivarelli, Marco; Araujo, Bruno Cesar; Bogliacino, Francesco
1-gen-2009 The Role of Skills as One of the Main Drivers of Corporate R&D Piva, Mariacristina; Vivarelli, Marco
1-gen-2001 The role of spatial effects in the empirical analysis of regional concentration Arbia, Giuseppe
1-gen-1995 The role of statistical methodologies in the study of quality design of apparatuses and production systems Magagnoli, Umberto; Zappa, Diego
1-gen-2003 The Role of Supply Networks in Strategic Positioning Snehota, Ivan; Tunisini, Annalisa
1-gen-2009 The role of the public sector in the thought of Hyman Minsky Mastromatteo, Giuseppe
1-gen-2007 The role of trust in approaching e-government services: a comprehensive theoretical framework Bissola, Rita; Carignani, Andrea
1-gen-2014 The sampling distribution of Directional Mobility Indices applied to the income of Italian families Ferretti, Camilla
1-gen-1995 The selection of Partners in Intercorporate Aggregations: The Role of the Institutional Structure Depperu, Donatella
1-gen-2008 The social security cost in the european integration (1950-1972) Locatelli, Andrea Maria
1-gen-2008 The Social Value of Public Information with Costly Information Acquisition Colombo, Luca Vittorio Angelo; Femminis, Gianluca
1-gen-2007 The social-competitive innovation pyramid Molteni, Mario Marco
1-gen-2006 The socio-competitive innovation pyramid Molteni, Mario Marco
Mostrati risultati da 9.751 a 9.770 di 10.465
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