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Metabolic Insights into the Anion-Anion Antagonism in Sweet Basil: Effects of Different Nitrate/Chloride Ratios in the Nutrient Solution 136
The strength of the nutrient solution modulates the functional profile of hydroponically grown lettuce in a genotype-dependent manner 126
New insights in the allelopathic traits of different barley genotypes: Middle Eastern and Tibetan wild-relative accessions vs. cultivated modern barley 116
Proteomics revealed distinct responses to salinity between the halophytes Suaeda maritima (L.) dumort and salicornia brachiata (Roxb) 81
Combining Molecular Weight Fractionation and Metabolomics to Elucidate the Bioactivity of Vegetal Protein Hydrolysates in Tomato Plants 78
Single and Combined Fe and S Deficiency Differentially Modulate Root Exudate Composition in Tomato: A Double Strategy for Fe Acquisition? 76
Metabolomic Responses of Maize Shoots and Roots Elicited by Combinatorial Seed Treatments With Microbial and Non-microbial Biostimulants 74
Successive Harvests Affect Yield, Quality and Metabolic Profile of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) 70
A Microbial-Based Biostimulant Enhances Sweet Pepper Performance by Metabolic Reprogramming of Phytohormone Profile and Secondary Metabolism 61
Beyond the Visible and Below the Peel: How UV-B Radiation Influences the Phenolic Profile in the Pulp of Peach Fruit. A Biochemical and Molecular Study 61
The metabolic reprogramming induced by sub-optimal nutritional and light inputs in soilless cultivated green and red butterhead lettuce 54
Foliar application of different vegetal-derived protein hydrolysates distinctively modulates tomato root development and metabolism 51
Nutraceutical Profiles of Two Hydroponically Grown Sweet Basil Cultivars as Affected by the Composition of the Nutrient Solution and the Inoculation With Azospirillum brasilense 50
Intraspecific variability largely affects the leaf metabolomics response to isosmotic macrocation variations in two divergent lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) varieties 47
Integration of Gas Exchange With Metabolomics: High-Throughput Phenotyping Methods for Screening Biostimulant-Elicited Beneficial Responses to Short-Term Water Deficit 47
Dataset on the effects of different pre-harvest factors on the metabolomics profile of lettuce (Lactuca sativa l.) leaves 44
Metabolomic, proteomic and physiological insights into the potential mode of action of thymol, a phytotoxic natural monoterpenoid phenol 42
Mass spectrometry-based metabolomic discrimination of Cercospora leaf spot resistant and susceptible sugar beet germplasms 40
Molecular basis of rootstock-related tolerance to water deficit in Vitis vinifera L. cv. Sangiovese: A physiological and metabolomic combined approach 40
Concealed metabolic reprogramming induced by different herbicides in tomato 39
The hidden effects of agrochemicals on plant metabolism and root-associated microorganisms 38
The metabolomics reveals intraspecies variability of bioactive compounds in elicited suspension cell cultures of three Bryophyllum species 36
Inoculation of Rhizoglomus irregulare or Trichoderma atroviride differentially modulates metabolite profiling of wheat root exudates 35
The mycorrhiza-and trichoderma-mediated elicitation of secondary metabolism and modulation of phytohormone profile in tomato plants 35
Changes in physiological activities and root exudation profile of two grapevine rootstocks reveal common and specific strategies for Fe acquisition 32
Effect of cut on secondary metabolite profile in hydroponically-grown Rumex acetosa L. seedlings: a metabolomic approach 30
Inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria alters the rhizosphere functioning of tomato plants 29
The Complex Metabolomics Crosstalk Triggered by Four Molecular Elicitors in Tomato 28
The outer influences the inner: Postharvest UV-B irradiation modulates peach flesh metabolome although shielded by the skin 24
Trichoderma and phosphite elicited distinctive secondary metabolite signatures in zucchini squash plants 23
A metabolomics insight into the Cyclic Nucleotide Monophosphate signaling cascade in tomato under non-stress and salinity conditions 23
The combination of mild salinity conditions and exogenously applied phenolics modulates functional traits in lettuce 22
Biostimulant effects of an aqueous extract of duckweed (Lemna minor L.) on physiological and biochemical traits in the olive tree 21
The adaptive metabolomic profile and functional activity of tomato rhizosphere are revealed upon PGPB inoculation under saline stress 20
Coumarin interferes with polar auxin transport altering microtubule cortical array organization in arabidopsis thaliana (L.) heynh. root apical meristem 16
A combined phenotypic and metabolomic approach for elucidating the biostimulant action of a plant-derived protein hydrolysate on tomato grown under limited water availability 13
A combined phenotypic and metabolomic approach for elucidating the biostimulant action of a plant-derived protein hydrolysate on tomato grown under limited water availability 12
Metabolomics and physiological insights into the ability of exogenously applied chlorogenic acid and hesperidin to modulate salt stress in lettuce distinctively 12
UHPLC-QTOF-MS phytochemical profiling and in vitro biological properties of Rhamnus petiolaris (Rhamnaceae) 11
Bioactivity and bioavailability of phytoene and strategies to improve its production 10
Hydroponically grown sanguisorba minor scop.: Effects of cut and storage on fresh-cut produce 10
Effect of diflufenican on total carotenoid and phytoene production in carrot suspension-cultured cells 9
Bioactivity of Phytosterols and Their Production in Plant in Vitro Cultures 8
Relatively Low Dosages of CeO2 Nanoparticles in the Solid Medium Induce Adjustments in the Secondary Metabolism and Ionomic Balance of Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Roots and Leaves 8
Cyclodextrins increase phytosterol and tocopherol levels in suspension cultured cells obtained from mung beans and safflower 6
Production of fatty acid methyl esters and other bioactive compounds in elicited cultures of the fungus Mucor circinelloides 5
Integrated Metabolomics and Morpho-Biochemical Analyses Reveal a Better Performance of Azospirillum brasilense over Plant-Derived Biostimulants in Counteracting Salt Stress in Tomato 4
Enhanced accumulation of phytosterols and phenolic compounds in cyclodextrin-elicited cell suspension culture of Daucus carota 4
Effect of terbinafine on the biosynthetic pathway of isoprenoid compounds in carrot suspension cultured cells 4
Foliar and Root Comparative Metabolomics and Phenolic Profiling of Micro-Tom Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Plants Associated with a Gene Expression Analysis in Response to Short Daily UV Treatments 3
Drought, heat, and their combination impact the root exudation patterns and rhizosphere microbiome in maize roots 3
Between Light and Shading: Morphological, Biochemical, and Metabolomics Insights Into the Influence of Blue Photoselective Shading on Vegetable Seedlings 3
The modulation of auxin-responsive genes, phytohormone profile, and metabolomic signature in leaves of tomato cuttings is specifically modulated by different protein hydrolysates 3
Neurofuzzy logic predicts a fine-tuning metabolic reprogramming on elicited Bryophyllum PCSCs guided by salicylic acid 2
Isosmotic Macrocation Variation Modulates Mineral Efficiency, Morpho-Physiological Traits, and Functional Properties in Hydroponically Grown Lettuce Varieties (Lactuca sativa L.) 2
Plant biostimulants from seaweeds or vegetal proteins enhance the salinity tolerance in greenhouse lettuce by modulating plant metabolism in a distinctive manner 2
The combination of untargeted metabolomics and machine learning predicts the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds in bryophyllum medicinal plants (Genus kalanchoe) 2
Seed Priming With Protein Hydrolysates Improves Arabidopsis Growth and Stress Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses 1
Totale 1882
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