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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2004 Balance laws and weak boundary conditions in Continuum Mechanics Marzocchi, Alfredo; Musesti, Alessandro
1-gen-2003 Balanced virtual powers in continuum mechanics Marzocchi, Alfredo; Musesti, Alessandro
1-gen-2020 Balancing-aware charging strategy for series-connected lithium-ion cells: A nonlinear model predictive control approach Pozzi, Andrea; Zambelli, M.; Ferrara, A.; Raimondo, D. M.
1-gen-2010 I bambini e i numeri Lariccia, Giovanni
1-gen-2017 BARRIER METHODS FOR EQUILIBRIUM PROBLEMS Konnov, I.; Pini, R.; Bianchi, Monica
1-gen-2020 Basic ideas and tools for projection-based model reduction of parametric partial differential equations Rozza, G.; Hess, M.; Stabile, G.; Tezzele, M.; Ballarin, Francesco
1-gen-2018 Battery ageing-aware stochastic management of power networks in islanded mode Mosca, A.; Pozzi, Andrea; Raimondo, D. M.
1-gen-2020 Benamou–Brenier and duality formulas for the entropic cost on RCD∗(K, N) spaces Gigli, N.; Tamanini, Luca
1-gen-2021 Biblioteca di Storia delle Scienze "Carlo Viganò" Goffi, Pierangelo; Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2021 Bifurcating standing waves for effective equations in gapped honeycomb structures Borrelli, William; Carlone, R.
1-gen-2014 Bifurcation analysis of an inductorless chaos generator using 1D piecewise smooth map Gardini, L; Tramontana, Fabio; Banerjee, S.
1-gen-2016 Bifurcation and multiplicity results for critical fractional p-Laplacian problems Perera, K.; Squassina, Marco; Yang, Y.
1-gen-2016 Bifurcation and multiplicity results for critical p-Laplacian problems Perera, K.; Squassina, Marco; Yang, Y.
1-gen-2018 Bifurcation results for problems with fractional Trudinger-Moser nonlinearity Perera, Kanishka; Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2014 Bifurcation Structure in a Bimodal Piecewise Linear Business Cycle Model Avrutin, V; Sushko, I; Tramontana, Fabio
1-gen-2022 Big or small? A new economic geography model with an endogenous switch in the market structure Commendatore, P.; Kubin, I.; Sushko, Iryna
1-gen-2016 Bone Flap Technique for Impacted Teeth Extraction and Bone Cysts Removal Saponaro, Gianmarco; Pelo, Sandro; De Angelis, Paolo; Forcione, Mario; D'Amato, Giuseppe; Moro, Alessandro
1-gen-2011 Border collision bifurcation curves and their classification in a family of 1D discontinuous maps Gardini, L; Tramontana, Fabio
1-gen-2012 Boundary behavior for a singular quasi-linear equation Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2016 Boundedness of minimizers for spectral problems in R^N Mazzoleni, Dario
Mostrati risultati da 118 a 137 di 1.168
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