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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2010 On metastable vacua in perturbed N=2 theories Auzzi, Roberto; Rabinovici, Eliezer
1-gen-2016 On Newton-Cartan local renormalization group and anomalies Auzzi, Roberto; Baiguera, Stefano; Filippini, Francesco; Nardelli, Giuseppe
1-gen-2016 On Newton-Cartan trace anomalies Auzzi, Roberto; Baiguera, Stefano; Nardelli, Giuseppe
1-gen-2013 On periodically driven AdS/CFT Auzzi, Roberto; Elitzur, Shmuel; Gudnason, Sven Bjarke; Rabinovici, Eliezer
1-gen-2010 On some hydrodynamical aspects of quantum mechanics Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2020 On subregion action complexity in AdS3 and in the BTZ black hole Auzzi, Roberto; Baiguera, Stefano; Legramandi, Andrea; Nardelli, Giuseppe; Roy, Pratim; Zenoni, Nicolo'
1-gen-2015 On the sensitivity decay of the cumarine targets for fast ozone measurements. Implications for the estimation of the instrumental zero and flux calculations Finco, Angelo; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Marzuoli, Riccardo
1-gen-2011 On the Spectrum of Direct Gaugino Mediation Auzzi, Roberto; Giveon, Amit; Gudnason, Sven Bjarke; Shacham, Tomer
1-gen-2009 On the Stability of Non-Abelian Semi-local Vortices Auzzi, Roberto; Eto, Minoru; Gudnason, Sven Bjarke; Konishi, Kenichi; Vinci, Walter
1-gen-2022 On the time dependence of holographic complexity for charged AdS black holes with scalar hair Auzzi, Roberto; Bolognesi, Stefano; Rabinovici, Eliezer; Schaposnik Massolo, Fidel I.; Tallarita, Gianni
1-gen-2001 On the unitary of quantum gauge theories on non-commutative spaces Nardelli, Giuseppe; Bassetto, Antonio; Griguolo, Luca; Vian, Federica
1-gen-2010 On Uplifted SUSY-Breaking Vacua and Direct Mediation in Generalized SQCD Auzzi, Roberto; Elitzur, Shmuel; Giveon, Amit
1-gen-2019 On volume subregion complexity in Vaidya spacetime Auzzi, Roberto; Nardelli, Giuseppe; Schaposnik Massolo, Fidel I.; Tallarita, Gianni; Zenoni, Nicolo'
1-gen-1989 One Loop Quark Selfenergy And Quark Quark Gluon Vertex In The Planar Gauge With The Mandelstam-leibbrandt Prescription Nardelli, Giuseppe
1-gen-2014 One year of ozone flux measurements and O3, NOx and CO2 profiles at the micrometeorological flux tower of Bosco Fontana (Mantua, Italy) Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Finco, Angelo; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Hardersen, Sonke; Gorian, Fabio; Minari, Emma
1-gen-2007 One- and Two-Dimensional Systems: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Organic and Inorganic structures Gavioli, Luca; Sancrotti, Massimo
1-gen-2012 Onset of chaos and relaxation in isolated systems of interacting spins: Energy shell approach Santos, L; Borgonovi, Fausto; Izrailev, Felix
1-gen-2007 Open system of interacting fermions: Statistical properties of cross sections and fluctuations Celardo, Giuseppe; F. M., Izrailev; V. G., Zelevinsky; G. P., Berman
1-gen-2005 An open-top chamber experiment at Curno (Northern Italy): results of the first year of activity. In Background documents. Workshop "Critical levels of ozone: further applying and developing the flux-based concept" Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Ballarin Denti, Antonio Angelo; Bussotti, Filippo; Cascio, Chiara; Desotgiu, Rosanna; Tagliaferri, Antonio; Strasser, Reto
1-gen-2017 Opening-assisted coherent transport in the semiclassical regime Zhang, Yang; Celardo, Giuseppe; Borgonovi, Fausto; Kaplan, Lev
Mostrati risultati da 427 a 446 di 727
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