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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2020 Springer Optimization and Its Applications Ramazannejad, M.; Alimohammady, M.; Cattani, C.
1-gen-2010 Stability and instability results for standing waves of quasi-linear Schrodinger equations Colin, M.; Jeanjean, L.; Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2017 Stability constants of the weak⁎ fixed point property for the space ℓ1 Casini, Emanuele; Miglierina, Enrico; Piasecki, Lukasz; Popescu, Roxana
1-gen-2004 Stability for convex vector optimization problems Lucchetti, Roberto; Miglierina, Enrico
1-gen-2019 Stability of a convex feasibility problem De Bernardi, C. A.; Miglierina, E.; Molho, E.
1-gen-2015 Stability of eigenvalues for variable exponent problems Colasuonno, F.; Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2017 Stability of equilibria via regularity of the diagonal subdifferential operator Bianchi, M.; Kassay, G.; Pini, R.
1-gen-1999 Stability of inequalities in the dual Brunn-Minkowski theory Vassallo, Salvatore Flavio; Richard J., Gardner
1-gen-2016 Stability of variational eigenvalues for the fractional p-Laplacian Brasco, L.; Parini, E.; Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2016 Stability results for sets of uniqueness in binary tomography Dulio, Paolo; Pagani, Silvia M. C.
1-gen-2015 Stability Results of Variational Systems Under Openness with Respect to Fixed Sets Kassay, Gabor; Bianchi, Monica; Pini, Rita
1-gen-2020 Stabilized reduced basis methods for parametrized steady Stokes and Navier–Stokes equations Ali, S.; Ballarin, F.; Rozza, G.
1-gen-2018 Stabilized weighted reduced basis methods for parametrized advection dominated problems with random inputs Torlo, D.; Ballarin, F.; Rozza, G.
1-gen-2016 Standard Majorana representations of the symmetric groups Franchi, Clara; Ivanov, Alexander A.; Mainardis, Mario
1-gen-2017 Stationary solutions for the 2D critical Dirac equation with Kerr nonlinearity Borrelli, W.
1-gen-2014 Steady free fall of one-dimensional bodies in a hyperviscous fluid at low Reynolds number Giusteri, Giulio Giuseppe; Marzocchi, Alfredo; Musesti, Alessandro
1-gen-2022 Stochastic model predictive control for optimal charging of electric vehicles battery packs Pozzi, A.; Raimondo, D. M.
1-gen-2017 Strain-dependent internal parameters in hyperelastic biological materials Giantesio, Giulia; Musesti, Alessandro
1-gen-2005 Strongly damped wave equations in R^3 with critical nonlinearities Conti, M.; Pata, V.; Squassina, Marco
Mostrati risultati da 957 a 976 di 1.079
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