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1-gen-2021 Trazodone: A multifunctional antidepressant. evaluation of its properties and real-world use Cuomo, A.; Bianchetti, A.; Cagnin, A.; De Berardis, D.; Di Fazio, I.; Incalzi, R. A.; Marra, Camillo; Neviani, F.; Laurenzi, P. F.; Nicoletti, F.
1-gen-2022 Trends in the Development of Electronic Noses Based on Carbon Nanotubes Chemiresistors for Breathomics Freddi, Sonia; Sangaletti, Luigi Ermenegildo
1-gen-2020 Tropospheric ozone assessment report: A critical review of changes in the tropospheric ozone burden and budget from 1850 to 2100 Archibald, A. T.; Neu, J. L.; Elshorbany, Y. F.; Cooper, O. R.; Young, P. J.; Akiyoshi, H.; Cox, R. A.; Coyle, M.; Derwent, R. G.; Deushi, M.; Finco, Angelo; Frost, G. J.; Galbally, I. E.; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Granier, C.; Griffiths, P. T.; Hossaini, R.; Hu, L.; Jockel, P.; Josse, B.; Lin, M. Y.; Mertens, M.; Morgenstern, O.; Naja, M.; Naik, V.; Oltmans, S.; Plummer, D. A.; Revell, L. E.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Saxena, P.; Shin, Y. M.; Shahid, I.; Shallcross, D.; Tilmes, S.; Trickl, T.; Wallington, T. J.; Wang, T.; Worden, H. M.; Zeng, G.
1-gen-2018 Tropospheric ozone assessment report: Global ozone metrics for climate change, human health, and crop/ecosystem research Lefohn, Allen S.; Malley, Christopher S.; Smith, Luther; Wells, Benjamin; Hazucha, Milan; Simon, Heather; Naik, Vaishali; Mills, Gina; Schultz, Martin G.; Paoletti, Elena; De Marco, Alessandra; Xu, Xiaobin; Zhang, Li; Wang, Tao; Neufeld, Howard S.; Musselman, Robert C.; Tarasick, David; Brauer, Michael; Feng, Zhaozhong; Tang, Haoye; Kobayashi, Kazuhiko; Sicard, Pierre; Solberg, Sverre; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro
1-gen-2018 Tropospheric ozone assessment report: Present-day tropospheric ozone distribution and trends relevant to vegetation Mills, Gina; Pleijel, Håkan; Malley, Christopher S.; Sinha, Baerbel; Cooper, Owen R.; Schultz, Martin G.; Neufeld, Howard S.; Simpson, David; Sharps, Katrina; Feng, Zhaozhong; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Harmens, Harry; Kobayashi, Kazuhiko; Saxena, Pallavi; Paoletti, Elena; Sinha, Vinayak; Xu, Xiaobin
1-gen-1998 Tropospheric Ozone In A Mountain Forest Area: Spatial Distribution And Its Relation With Meteorology And Emission Sources Ballarin Denti, A.; Dell'Era, R.; Gerosa, Giacomo; Pirovano, G.; Simoni, P.
1-gen-1998 Tropospheric ozone in alpine forest sites: air quality monitoring and statistical data analysis Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Spinazzi, Federico; Ballarin Denti, Antonio Angelo
1-gen-2019 Tunable Optical Antennas Using Vanadium Dioxide Metal-Insulator Phase Transitions Tognazzi, Andrea; Locatelli, A.; Vincenti, M. A.; Giannetti, Claudio; De Angelis, Claudio
1-gen-2020 Tuning the Ultrafast Response of Fano Resonances in Halide Perovskite Nanoparticles Franceschini, Paolo; Carletti, L.; Pushkarev, A. P.; Preda, F.; Perri, Alessandro; Tognazzi, Andrea; Ronchi, Andrea; Ferrini, Gabriele; Pagliara, Stefania; Banfi, Francesco; Polli, D.; Cerullo, G.; De Angelis, Claudio; Makarov, S. V.; Giannetti, Claudio
1-gen-2009 Turbulence in a Coastal Mediterranean Area: Surface Fluxes and Related Parameters at Castel Porziano, Italy Cieslik, Stanislaw; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Finco, Angelo; Matteucci, Giorgio; Cape, Neil; Misztal, Pawel
1-gen-1997 Two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory in the leading 1/N expansion revisited Nardelli, Giuseppe; Bassetto, Antonio; Shuvaev, A.
1-gen-2008 Ultra-thin fullerene-based films via STM and STS Gavioli, Luca; Cinzia, Cepek
1-gen-2019 Ultrafast all-optical tuning of fano resonant halide perovskite nanoparticles Carletti, L.; Franceschini, P.; Perri, A.; Preda, F.; Polli, D.; Tognazzi, A.; De Angelis, C.; Banfi, F.; Pagliara, S.; Ferrini, G.; Pushkarev, A. P.; Makarov, S. V.; Giannetti, C.
1-gen-2022 Ultrafast charge carrier and exciton dynamics in an excitonic insulator probed by time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy Mor, Selene; Herzog, Marc; Monney, Claude; Staehler, Julia
1-gen-2017 Ultrafast Electronic Band Gap Control in an Excitonic Insulator Mor, Selene; Herzog, M.; Golez, D.; Werner, P.; Eckstein, M.; Katayama, N.; Nohara, M.; Takagi, H.; Mizokawa, T.; Monney, C.; Stahler, J.
1-gen-2010 Ultrafast insulator-to-metal phase transition as a switch to measure the spectrogram of a supercontinuum light pulse Cilento, Federico; Giannetti, Claudio; Ferrini, Gabriele; Dal Conte, Stefano; Sala, Tommaso; Coslovich, Giacomo; Rini, Matteo; Cavalleri, Andrea; Parmigiani, Fulvio
1-gen-2009 Ultrafast laser pulses to detect and generate fast thermo-mechanical transients in matter Giannetti, Claudio; Banfi, Francesco; Nardi, Damiano; Ferrini, Gabriele; Parmigiani, Fulvio
1-gen-2022 Ultrafast Loss of Lattice Coherence in the Light-Induced Structural Phase Transition of V2O3 Johnson, A. S.; Moreno-Mencía, D.; Amuah, E. B.; Menghini, M.; Locquet, J. P.; Giannetti, Claudio; Pastor, E.; Wall, S. E.
1-gen-2016 Ultrafast optical spectroscopy of strongly correlated materials and high-temperature superconductors: a non-equilibrium approach Giannetti, Claudio; Capone, M.; Fausti, D.; Fabrizio, M.; Parmigiani, F.; Mihailovic, D.
1-gen-2018 Ultrafast orbital manipulation and Mott physics in multi-band correlated materials Ronchi, Andrea; Franceschini, Paolo; Fanfarillo, Laura; Homm, Pía; Menghini, Mariela; Peli, Simone; Ferrini, Gabriele; Banfi, Francesco; Cilento, Federico; Damascelli, Andrea; Parmigiani, Fulvio; Locquet, Jean-Pierre; Fabrizio, Michele; Capone, Massimo; Giannetti, Claudio
Mostrati risultati da 681 a 700 di 731
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