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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2018 Finite loops arising from projective 3-space Pasotti, S.; Pianta, S.; Zizioli, E.
1-gen-2017 Finite loops arising from projective 3-space Pasotti, Stefano; Pianta, Silvia; Zizioli, Elena
1-gen-2007 Finite simple groups admitting minimally irreducible characters of prime power degree Pellegrini, Marco Antonio
1-gen-2015 Finite simple groups of low rank: Hurwitz generation and (2,3)-generation Pellegrini, Marco Antonio; Tamburini Bellani, Maria Clara
1-gen-2020 Flow in porous media with low dimensional fractures by employing enriched Galerkin method Kadeethum, T.; Nick, H. M.; Lee, S.; Ballarin, F.
1-gen-2016 Fluid approximation of pool depletion systems Barbierato, E.; Gribaudo, M.; Manini, D.
1-gen-2017 Fluid Petri Nets for the Performance Evaluation of MapReduce and Spark Applications Gianniti, Eugenio; Rizzi, Alessandro Maria; Barbierato, Enrico; Gribaudo, Marco; Ardagna, Danilo
1-gen-2017 Fluid Petri nets for the performance evaluation of MapReduce applications Gianniti, E.; Rizzi, A. M.; Barbierato, E.; Gribaudo, M.; Ardagna, D.
1-gen-2018 Fractional Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities Nguyen, Hoai-Minh; Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2017 Fractional NLS equations with magnetic field, critical frequency and critical growth Binlin, Zhang; Squassina, Marco; Xia, Zhang
1-gen-2016 Fractional Schrodinger-Poisson systems with a general subcritical or critical nonlinearity Do'O, J. M.; Squassina, Marco; Zhang, J.
1-gen-2019 Fragment-based ligand-protein contact statistics: Application to docking simulations Macari, G.; Toti, D.; Del Moro, C.; Polticelli, F.
1-gen-2011 A framework for semi-automatic identification, disambiguation and storage of protein-related abbreviations in scientific literature Atzeni, P.; Polticelli, F.; Toti, D.
1-gen-2017 Fratelli in affido: una famiglia o più famiglie? Greco, Ondina; Comelli, Ivana
1-gen-2016 A Fredholm alternative for quasilinear elliptic equations with right hand side measure Colturato, Michele; Degiovanni, Marco
1-gen-2005 From involution sets, graphs and loops to loop-nearrings Karzel, Helmut; Pianta, Silvia; Zizioli, Elena
1-gen-2013 From Slow Food to Slow Tech: a reflection paper Patrignani, Norberto; Whitehouse, Diane
1-gen-2019 Fusion systems on a Sylow 3-subgroup of the McLaughlin group Franchi, Clara; Baccanelli, Elisa; Mainardis, Mario
1-gen-2010 Il futuro dell'identità digitale: verso una nuova information ethics Patrignani, Norberto
1-gen-2016 Gamma convergence of a family of surface-director bending energies with small tilt Lussardi, Luca; Roeger, Matthias
Mostrati risultati da 335 a 354 di 1.058
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