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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-1995 Dilatation Spaces Kist, G.; Pianta, Silvia; Zizioli, Elena
1-gen-2021 Disorder-Enhanced and Disorder-Independent Transport with Long-Range Hopping: Application to Molecular Chains in Optical Cavities Chavez, N. C.; Mattiotti, Francesco; Mendez-Bermudez, J. A.; Borgonovi, Fausto; Celardo, G. L.
1-gen-2021 Editorial: On the “Human” in Human-Artificial Intelligence Interaction Triberti, S.; Durosini, I.; Lin, Jianyi; La Torre, D.; Ruiz Galan, M.
1-gen-2020 Electric-field assisted optimal quantum transport of photo-excitations in polar heterostructures Kropf, C. M.; Celardo, G. L.; Giannetti, Claudio; Borgonovi, Fausto
1-gen-2020 Enhancement of Raman signal by the use of BaTiO3 microspheres Ruzankina, I. S.; Ferrini, Gabriele
1-gen-2015 False-positive IgM for CMV in pregnant women with autoimmune disease: a prognostic index of poor pregnancy outcome Tabacco, S; Lanzone, Antonio; Botta, Angela; Salvi, Silvia; Martino, C; Del Sordo, G; Garufi, C; Lanzone, A; De Carolis, Sara
1-gen-2018 Finite group actions on 3-manifolds and cyclic branched covers of knots Boileau, Michel; Franchi, Clara; Mecchia, Mattia; Paoluzzi, Luisa; Zimmermann, Bruno
1-gen-1993 Generalized euclidean and elliptic geometries, their connections and automorphism groups Karzel, Helmut; Pianta, Silvia; Stanik, Rotraut
1-gen-2018 Growth and electronic structure of 2D hexagonal nanosheets on a corrugated rectangular substrate Achilli, Simona; Cavaliere, Emanuele; Nguyen, T. H.; Cattelan, M.; Agnoli, S.
1-gen-2006 High pressure rinsing parameters measurements Cavaliere, E.; Fusetti, M.; Michelato, P.; Pagani, C.; Pierini, P.; Paulon, R.; Sertore, D.
1-gen-1992 Hyperstructures and linear spaces with parallelism Pianta, Silvia; Zizioli, Elena
1-gen-2015 Life cycle analysis of small scale pellet boilers characterized by high efficiency and low emissions Monteleone, Beatrice; Chiesa, Maria; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Verma, V. K.; Schwarz, M.; Carlon, E.; Schmidl, C.; Ballarin Denti, Antonio Angelo
1-gen-1987 Non-Commutative Affine Kinematic Spaces and Their Automorphism Group Pianta, Silvia
1-gen-1994 On a class of point-reflection geometries Hotje, Herbert; Marchi, Mario; Pianta, Silvia
1-gen-1987 On automorphisms for some fibered incidence groups Pianta, Silvia
1-gen-1992 On commutativity in point-reflection geometries Karzel, Helmut; Marchi, Mario; Pianta, Silvia
1-gen-2016 Optimal efficiency of quantum transport in a disordered trimer Giusteri, Giulio Giuseppe; Celardo, Giuseppe; Borgonovi, Fausto
1-gen-1992 Projective embedding of fibered groups and the Suzuki groups Pianta, Silvia
1-gen-2016 Quantum chaos and thermalization in isolated systems of interacting particles Borgonovi, Fausto; Izrailev, Felix; Ferreira Dos Santos, Lea; Zelevinsky, V. G.
1-gen-2015 Reliability of doppler assessment of the middle cerebral artery in the near and far fields in healthy and anemic fetuses Salvi, Silvia; Badade, A.; Khatal, K.; Bhide, A.
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