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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2012 Occupazione e salari in italia: problemi e prospettive. Studi in onore di Carlo Dell’Aringa Lucifora, Claudio
1-gen-2013 Offshoring and job stability: Evidence from Italian manufacturing Lo Turco, A.; Maggioni, Daniela; Picchio, M.
1-gen-2012 Offshoring to high and low income countries and the labor demand. Evidence from Italian Firms Lo Turco, A.; Maggioni, Daniela
1-gen-2015 Offshoring, immigration and the labour market: a micro-level perspective Castellani, D; Mancusi, Maria Luisa; Santangelo, Gd; Zanfei, A.
1-gen-2020 Oltre il velo del populismo: globalizzazione, crisi economica e welfare state Ricchiuti, Giorgio; Nerozzi, Sebastiano
1-gen-2006 On enhanced cooperation Bordignon, Massimo; Brusco, Sandro
1-gen-2016 On firms' product space evolution: The role of firm and local product relatedness Lo Turco, A.; Maggioni, Daniela
1-gen-2012 On optimal zoning in a linear town with Cournot competitors Colombo, Stefano
1-gen-2008 On rationally confident beliefs and rational overconfidence Nielsen, Carsten Krabbe
1-gen-1996 On some topological properties of stable measures Nielsen, Carsten Krabbe
1-gen-2019 On spatial competition with quadratic transport costs and one online firm Colombo, Stefano; Hou, Zemin
1-gen-2016 On tariff changes and firm-production evolution: Insights from Turkish manufacturing Turco, A. L.; Maggioni, Daniela
1-gen-2018 On the Anatomy of Financial Literacy in Italy Baglioni, Angelo Stefano; Colombo, Luca Vittorio Angelo; Piccirilli, Giulio
1-gen-2019 On the credibility of ethical banking Barigozzi, Francesca; Tedeschi, Piero
1-gen-2009 On the Determinants of the Degree of Openness of Open-Source Firms: an Entry Model Colombo, Stefano; Grilli, Luca; Cristina Rossi, Lamastra
1-gen-2009 On the effects of selective below-cost pricing in a vertical differentiation model Colombo, Stefano
1-gen-2001 On the impact of ownership structure and hospital efficiency in Italy Barbetta, Gianpaolo; Turati, Gilberto; Zago, A.
1-gen-2005 On the Nature and Causes of Cyclical Fluctuations in Italy, 1861-2000 Delli Gatti, Domenico; Gallegati, Marco; Gallegati, Mauro
1-gen-2011 On the rationale of spatial discrimination with quantity-setting firms Colombo, Stefano
1-gen-2005 On the Role of Externalities in the Choice of Technology Colombo, Luca Vittorio Angelo
Mostrati risultati da 760 a 779 di 1.190
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