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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2011 H.P. Minsky and policies to countervail crises Mastromatteo, Giuseppe
1-gen-2007 Handling missing values in PLS path modelling: comparison of alternative procedures Boari, Giuseppe; Cantaluppi, Gabriele
1-gen-2023 Handling resource deficiencies through resource interaction in business networks Tunisini, Annalisa; Harrison, Debbie; Bocconcelli, Roberta
1-gen-2022 Hard Food for Witnesses. Reading Notes on Alexandra Shepard Colombo, Emanuele Camillo
1-gen-2020 Hardening subnational budget constraints via administrative subordination: The Italian experience of recovery plans in regional health services Bordignon, M.; Coretti, S.; Piacenza, M.; Turati, G.
1-gen-2003 Harmonic Markov switching autoregressive models for Bayesian analysis of air pollution Paroli, Roberta; Spezia, Luigi
1-gen-2002 Harmonic Markov switching autoregressive models for the analysis of air polluttants Paroli, Roberta; Spezia, Luigi
1-gen-2019 Harmonizing the Crowdfunding Regulation in Europe: Need, Challenges, and Risks. Cicchiello, A. F.
1-gen-2000 Harrod's Dynamic Economics and Joan Robinson's Generalization of the General Theory Varri, Pierpaolo
1-gen-2015 Harvard meets the crisis: the monetary theory and policy of Lauchlin B. Currie, Jacob Viner, John H. Williams and Harry D. White Alacevich, Michele; Asso, Pier Francesco; Nerozzi, Sebastiano
1-gen-2019 Has art lost its aura? How disintermediation and decoupling have changed the rules of the art game. The Artvisor case Piancatelli, C.; Massi, M.; Harrison, P.
1-gen-2012 ‘He wants, I don't’: females' contrasting attitude about fertility intentions for a second child Cavalli, Laura
1-gen-2017 Health and income inequalities in Europe: What is the role of circumstances? Pasqualini, M.; Lanari, D.; Minelli, L.; Pieroni, L.; Salmasi, L.
1-gen-2017 Health Care Expenditure and Income: A Global Perspective Baltagi, Badi H.; Lagravinese, Raffaele; Moscone, Francesco; Tosetti, Elisa
1-gen-2018 Health care utilization at retirement: The role of the opportunity cost of time Lucifora, Claudio; Vigani, Daria
1-gen-2019 Health Effects of Risky Lifestyles and Adverse Working Conditions: Are Older Individuals More Penalized? Cottini, Elena; Ghinetti, Paolo
1-gen-2012 Health outsourcing/backsourcing: case studies in the Australian and Italian health sector Macinati, Manuela Samantha; Young, Suzanne
1-gen-2008 Health, fiscal federalism, and local public services Bordignon, Massimo; Turati, Gilberto
1-gen-2003 Health.net: healthcare and the Internet Baraldi, Stefano; Memmola, Massimo
Mostrati risultati da 3.971 a 3.990 di 10.407
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