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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2011 A 21st Century Assessment of Values across the Global Workforce Molteni, Mario Marco; Ralston, David A.; Altri,
1-gen-2011 A Bootstrap procedure to test the cograduation between two ordinal scales: a proposal of two new indices Bonanomi, Andrea
1-gen-1993 A Business Cycle Model Based on Efficiency Wages, Monopolistic Competition and Nondecreasing Returns Weinrich, Gerd Hellmut
1-gen-2008 A class of spatial econometric methods in the empirical analysis of clusters of firms in the space Arbia, Giuseppe; Espa G., Q; Null, D.
1-gen-2010 A Collective Risk Model for Claims Reserve Distribution Clemente, Gian Paolo; Savelli, Nino
1-gen-2011 A communication-based conceptual mapping of the supply chain and its link with corporate reputation Gambetti, Rossella Chiara; Giovanardi, Mattia
1-gen-2006 A comparative analysis between fair value and the concept of economic value in Italian accounting literature. Critical aspects of representation in the financial statement as a contribute to corporate accountability D'Este, Carlotta; Marchini, Pier Luigi
1-gen-2008 A comparison between the method of moments and likelihood estimation of Marshall-Olkin copula parameter: complete a censored sample Osmetti, Silvia Angela
1-gen-2004 A comparison betwen measure scales for quality evaluation using Rasch Model Zanarotti, Maria Chiara; Pagani, Laura
1-gen-2009 A comparison of adjusted Bayes estimators of an ensemble of small area parameters Fabrizi, Enrico
1-gen-1991 A comparison of identifiability conditions for multivariate linear models in ARMAX and State Space representation Deldossi, Laura
1-gen-2002 A comprehensive filter-based method for trend cycle estimation from economic time series Faliva, Mario; Zoia, Maria
1-gen-1991 A Consumption-Growth Linear Relation: a Comment Bellino, Enrico; Femminis, Gianluca
1-gen-2012 A Continuous Time Mover-Stayer Model for Labor Market in a Northern Italian Area Cipollini, Fabrizio; Ferretti, Camilla; Ganugi, Piero; Mezzanzanica, Mario
1-gen-2013 A design-based approximation to the Bayes Information Criterion in finite population sampling Fabrizi, Enrico; Lahiri, Parthasarathi
1-gen-2005 A dual of Nissen's theorem with applications to statistics Faliva, Mario
1-gen-2004 A Dynamic Non-Tatonnement Macroeconomic Model with Stochastic Rationing Bignami, Fernando; Colombo, Luca Vittorio Angelo; Weinrich, Gerd
1-gen-2014 A fair price for goods: a food policy problem of the modern age Cova, Alberto
1-gen-2012 A few counter-factual hypotheses on the current economic crisis Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2000 A filter-based Method for Trend-cycle Estimation: the Theoretic Framework of TEXAMF/2 Procedure Zoia, Maria; Faliva, Mario
Mostrati risultati da 15 a 34 di 11.174
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