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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2011 Y-a-t il un droit pénal interculturel ? Quelques remarques philosophiques autour des theses de Otfried Höffe Biancu, Stefano
1-gen-2020 Yannick Veyrenche, Canoines reguliers et société méridionales. L'abbaye de Saint Ruf et ses priéures dans le Sud-Est de la France (XIe-XIVe siècles). (Bibliotheca Victorina, 25). Turnhout, Brepols 2018. Andenna, G.
1-gen-2021 The Year of Sad Passions: A Second Letter from Northern Italy Facchin, F.
1-gen-2022 «Years of Lead» and family loss: A study on the recovery process of adult children who lost their father in a terrorist attack Pelucchi, Sara; Parise, Miriam; Regalia, Camillo
1-gen-2022 Yes, I can (with you)! Dyadic coping and self-management outcomes in cardiovascular disease: The mediating role of health self-efficacy Rapelli, G.; Donato, S.; Parise, M.; Pagani, A. F.; Castelnuovo, G.; Pietrabissa, G.; Giusti, E.; Bertoni, A.
1-gen-2014 You Can't Just (Say You) Do It...The Role of Perception in Dyadic Coping. Donato, Silvia; Parise, Miriam; Iafrate, Raffaella; Bertoni, Anna Marta Maria; Finkenauer, Catrin; Bodenmann, Guy
1-gen-2014 "You must eat the salad because it is nutritious". Argumentative strategies adopted by parents and children in food-related discussions at mealtimes Bova, Antonio; Arcidiacono, Francesco
1-gen-2019 You who travel, you who watch me: the telling of my story. Narration as an instrument of self-study Raccagni, D.
1-gen-2002 You' re a Real Genius!: Irony as miscommunication design Anolli, Luigi Maria; Infantino, Maria Giaele; Ciceri, Maria Rita
1-gen-2012 Young Adults and Civic Behavior: The Psychosocial Variables Determining It Marzana, Daniela; Marta, Elena; Pozzi, Maura
1-gen-2016 Young adults’ individuation with mother and father as a function of dysfunctional family patterns, gender and parental divorce Valls Vidal, C.; Garriga, A.; Pérez Testor, C.; Guàrdia Olmos, J.; Iafrate, Raffaella
1-gen-2015 Young Italian NEETs (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) and the Influence of Their Family Background Alfieri, Sara; Sironi, Emiliano; Marta, Elena; Rosina, Alessandro; Marzana, Daniela
1-gen-2022 Young pedestrians' behaviours and risk perception: a pilot study with Italian early adolescents Salducco, A.; Abati, D.; Bina, M.; Bertani, B.; Calarco, S.; Balzarotti, S.; Biassoni, F.
1-gen-2010 The young people begin the sport: comparative investigation among different sport disciplines in Lombardia at 10 years Mondoni, Maurizio; Cereda, Ferdinando; Casolo, Francesco; Ajani, Anna
1-gen-2017 Young people's engagement with the European Union: The importance of visions and worries for the future of Europe Strohmeier, Dagmar; Barrett, Martyn; Bora, Carmen; Caravita, Simona C. S.; Donghi, Elisa; Dragoti, Edmond; Fife-Schaw, Chris; Gómez-López, Mercedes; Kapã©ter, Eszter; Mazzone, Angela; Rama, Rudina; Roåÿeanu, Gabi; Ortega-Ruiz, Rosario; Steiner, Hanna; Trip, Simona; Tenenbaum, Harriet; Urhahne, Detlef; Viejo, Carmen
1-gen-2005 Young volunteers, family and social capital: from the care of family bonds to the care of community bonds Marta, Elena; Pozzi, Maura
1-gen-2019 "Your Stress Is My Stress": A Dyadic Study on Adoptive and Biological First-Time Parents Canzi, E.; Molgora, S.; Fenaroli, V.; Rosnati, R.; Saita, E.; Ranieri, S.
1-gen-2022 The Youth and the Ecological Transition. The emblematic educational value from UCSC CLIC-PLAN and PMI RISK ADAPT research projects Malavasi, P; Sandrini, S
1-gen-2019 Youth and Their Challenge to Promote a Fairer Multicultural Society: a Qualitative Study of African Immigrant Activists Marzana, Daniela; Martinez Damia, Sara Maria; Alfieri, Sara; Marta, Elena
1-gen-2010 YOUTH COACHES' WORK IDENTITY: A RESEARCH IN A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL CLUB Frascaroli, Daniela; D'Angelo, Chiara; Gozzoli, Caterina
Mostrati risultati da 20.744 a 20.763 di 20.789
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