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1-gen-2015 Amniotic membrane mesenchymal cells-derived factors skew T cell polarization toward Treg and downregulate Th1 and Th17 cells subsets Pianta, Stefano; Bonassi Signoroni, Patrizia; Muradore, Ivan; Rodrigues, Melissa Francis; Rossi, Daniele; Silini, Antonietta; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2009 Amniotic membrane patching promotes ischemic rat heart repair Cargnoni, Anna; Di Marcello, Marco; Campagnol, Marino; Nassuato, Claudia; Albertini, Alberto; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2012 Amniotic membrane-derived cells inhibit proliferation of cancer cell lines by inducing cell cycle arrest Magatti, Marta; De Munari, Silvia; Vertua, Elsa; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2021 Amniotic membrane-mesenchymal stromal cells secreted factors and extracellular vesicle-miRNAs: Anti-inflammatory and regenerative features for musculoskeletal tissues Ragni, Enrico; Papait, Andrea; Perucca Orfei, Carlotta; Silini, Antonietta Rosa; Colombini, Alessandra; Viganò, Marco; Libonati, Francesca; Parolini, Ornella; de Girolamo, Laura
1-gen-2016 Amniotic mesenchymal cells from pre-eclamptic placentae maintain immunomodulatory features as healthy controls Pianta, Stefano; Magatti, Marta; Vertua, Elsa; Bonassi Signoroni, Patrizia; Muradore, Ivan; Nuzzo, Anna Maria; Rolfo, Alessandro; Silini, Antonietta; Quaglia, Federico; Todros, Tullia; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2009 Amniotic mesenchymal tissue cells inhibit dendritic cell differentiation of peripheral blood and amnion resident monocytes Magatti, Marta; De Munari, Silvia; Vertua, Elsa; Nassauto, Claudia; Albertini, Alberto; Wengler, Georg S; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2023 Amniotic MSC affect CD8 naive polarization toward SLEC/MPEC subsets by down-modulating IL-12Rβ1 and IL-2Rα signaling pathways Papait, Andrea; Vertua, E.; Signoroni, P. B.; Cargnoni, A.; Magatti, M.; Stefani, F. R.; Romoli, Jacopo; Silini, A. R.; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2020 Amniotic MSCs reduce pulmonary fibrosis by hampering lung B-cell recruitment, retention, and maturation Cargnoni, A.; Romele, P.; Bonassi Signoroni, P.; Farigu, S.; Magatti, M.; Vertua, E.; Toschi, I.; Cesari, V.; Silini, A. R.; Stefani, F. R.; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2002 Analysis of SH2D1A mutations in patients with severe Epstein-Barr virus infections, Burkitt's lymphoma, and Hodgkin's lymphoma Parolini, Ornella; Kagerbauer, B; Simonitsch Klupp, I; Ambros, P; Jaeger, U; Mann, G; Haas, O. A; Morra, M; Gadner, H; Terhorst, C; Knapp, W; Holter, W.
1-gen-1991 Analysis of X-chromosome inactivation and presumptive expression of the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) gene in hematopoietic cell lineages of a thrombocytopenic carrier female of WAS Notarangelo, L. D; Parolini, Ornella; Porta, F; Locatelli, Franco; Lanfranchi, A; Marconi, Michela; Nespoli, L; Albertini, Alberto; Craig, I. W; Ugazio, A. G.
1-gen-1993 Analysis of X-chromosome inactivation in bone marrow precursors from carriers of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome and X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency: evidence that the Wiskott-Aldrich gene is expressed prior to granulocyte-macrophage colony-forming-unit Mantuano, E; Candotti, F; Giliani, S; Parolini, Ornella; Lusardi, M; Zucchi, M; Lanfranchi, A; Porta, F; Airò, P; Albertini, Alberto
1-gen-1991 Analysis of X-chromosome inactivation in X-linked immunodeficiency with hyper-IgM (HIGM1): evidence for involvement of different hematopoietic cell lineages Notarangelo, L. D; Parolini, Ornella; Albertini, Alberto; Duse, M; Mazzolari, E; Plebani, A; Camerino, G; Ugazio, A. G.
1-gen-2019 Anthropometric and glucometabolic changes in an aged mouse model of lipocalin-2 overexpression Principi, E.; Buschiazzo, A.; Papait, Andrea; Castagnola, P.; Costa, D.; Pece, R.; Maric, I.; Scussolini, M.; Marini, C.; Sambuceti, G.; Strollo, F.; Tavella, S.
1-gen-2013 Anti-fibrotic effects of fresh and cryopreserved human amniotic membrane in a rat liver fibrosis model Ricci, Emanuele; Vanosi, Graziella; Lindenmair, Andrea; Hennerbichler, Simone; Peterbauer Scherb, Anja; Wolbank, Susanne; Cargnoni, Anna; Signoroni, Patrizia Bonassi; Campagnol, Marino; Gabriel, Christian; Redl, Heinz; Parolini, Ornella
1-gen-2016 Anti-fibrotic effects of human amniotic membrane transplantation in established biliary fibrosis induced in rats Sant'Anna, Luciana B; Hage, Raduan; Cardoso, Maria Angélica G; Arisawa, Emilia A. L; Cruz, Maria Martin; Parolini, Ornella; Cargnoni, Anna; Sant'Anna, Nilson
1-gen-2013 Anti-inflammatory effects of adult stem cells in sustained lung injury: a comparative study Moodley, Yuben; Vaghjiani, Vijesh; Chan, James; Baltic, Svetlana; Ryan, Marisa; Tchongue, Jorge; Samuel, Chrishan S; Murthi, Padma; Parolini, Ornella; Manuelpillai, Ursula
1-gen-2000 Anti-inflammatory effects of sodium butyrate on human monocytes: potent inhibition of IL-12 and up-regulation of IL-10 production Säemann, M. D; Böhmig, G. A; Osterreicher, C. H; Burtscher, H; Parolini, Ornella; Diakos, C; Stöckl, J; Hörl, W. H; Zlabinger, G. J.
1-gen-2011 Antigen-dependent T lymphocytes (TcRβ+) are primarily differentiated in the thymus rather than in other lymphoid tissues in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax, L.) Romano, N.; Caccia, E.; Piergentili, R.; Rossi, F.; Ficca, A. G.; Ceccariglia, Sabrina; Mastrolia, L.
1-gen-1991 Antitumor effect of lonidamine alone or combined with tamoxifen or medroxyprogesterone acetate in breast cancer cells Sica, G; Lama, G; Iacopino, F; Angelucci, C; Della Cuna, Gr; Marchetti, P
1-gen-2004 Apoptosis-related gene expression affected by a GnRH analogue without induction of programmed cell death in LNCaP cells Angelucci, C; Iacopino, F; Lama, G; Capucci, S; Zelano, G; Boca, M; Pistilli, A; Sica, G.
Mostrati risultati da 22 a 41 di 354
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