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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2009 Durkheim and Weber : methodological reflections for management and business studies D'Angelo, Alfredo; Zurlo, F.
1-gen-2018 Dynamic analysis of discontinuous best response with innovation. Lamantia, Fabio Giovanni; Mario, Pezzino; Tramontana, Fabio
1-gen-2023 Dynamic capabilities in the internationalisation process: A study on fintech startups Hu, Lala; Olivieri, Mirko; Wang, Nuo; Corsaro, Daniela
1-gen-2016 Dynamic correlations and volatility linkages between stocks and sukuk: Evidence from international markets Sclip, A.; Dreassi, A.; Miani, S.; Paltrinieri, Andrea
1-gen-2016 Dynamic Data Fusion Approach for Air Quality Assessment Paci, Lucia; Bonafè, Giovanni; Trivisano, Carlo
1-gen-2020 Dynamic interplay between contractual and relational governance: An empirical study in Australian healthcare outsourcing Young, S.; Nguyen, P.; Macinati, Manuela Samantha
1-gen-2009 Dynamic Model Analysis. Advanced Matrix Methods and Unit-Root Econometrics Representation Theorems Zoia, Maria; Faliva, Mario
1-gen-2018 A Dynamic Model of Firms’ Strategic Location Choice Colombo, Luca Vittorio Angelo; Dawid, Herbert
1-gen-2018 Dynamic model-based clustering for spatio-temporal data Paci, Lucia; Finazzi, Francesco
1-gen-2016 Dynamic modeling in renewable resource exploitation Lamantia, F.; Radi, Davide; Sbragia, Lucia
1-gen-2018 Dynamic optimality in optimal variance stopping problems Buonaguidi, Bruno
1-gen-2016 Dynamic Social Media Balanced Scorecard: A New Approach to Performance Evaluation Cioffi, Andrea; Dossena, Claudia
1-gen-2006 Dynamic structural equation models and pseudo-panel data: a case study Boari, Giuseppe; Cantaluppi, Gabriele; Merlo, Piergiuseppe; Gunetti, Daniele
1-gen-2023 Dynamically adapting to the new normal: unpacking SMEs’ adoption of social media during COVID-19 outbreaks Hu, Lala; Olivieri, Mirko; Rialti, R.
1-gen-2019 Dynamics of a generalized fashion cycle model Sushko, Iryna; Gardini, L.; Matsuyama, K.
1-gen-2021 Dynamics of a two-dimensional map on nested circles and rings Gardini, L.; Sushko, Iryna; Tramontana, Fabio
1-gen-2018 Dynamics of an adaptive randomly reinforced urn Aletti, Giacomo; Ghiglietti, Andrea; Vidyashankar, Anand N.
1-gen-2013 Dynamics of hospital competition: Social network analysis in the Italian National Health Service Mascia, Daniele; Di Vincenzo, Fausto
1-gen-2016 Dynamics of investment and firm performance: comparative evidence from manufacturing industries Grazzi, Marco; Jacoby, Nadia; Treibich, Tania
1-gen-2017 The dynamics of personal norms and the determinants of cultural homogeneity Calabuig, Vicente; Olcina, Gonzalo; Panebianco, Fabrizio
Mostrati risultati da 2.215 a 2.234 di 9.031
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