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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2020 The handbook of collective violence: current developments and understanding Daniele, Gianmarco; Le Moglie, Marco
1-gen-2015 Harvard meets the crisis: the monetary theory and policy of Lauchlin B. Currie, Jacob Viner, John H. Williams and Harry D. White Alacevich, Michele; Asso, Pier Francesco; Nerozzi, Sebastiano
1-gen-2017 Health and income inequalities in Europe: What is the role of circumstances? Pasqualini, M.; Lanari, D.; Minelli, L.; Pieroni, L.; Salmasi, Luca
1-gen-2018 Health care utilization at retirement: The role of the opportunity cost of time Lucifora, Claudio; Vigani, Daria
1-gen-2020 Health Effects of Risky Lifestyles and Adverse Working Conditions: Are Older Individuals More Penalized? Cottini, Elena; Ghinetti, Paolo Carlo
1-gen-2008 Health, fiscal federalism, and local public services Bordignon, Massimo; Turati, Gilberto
1-gen-2001 Heterogeneity, Aggregation and Capital Market Imperfections Delli Gatti, Domenico; M., Gallegati
1-gen-2021 Heterogeneous Loans and the Effect of Monetary Interventions Cafiso, Gianluca; Rivolta, Giulia
1-gen-2016 Heteroskedasticity-and-Autocorrelation-Consistent Bootstrapping Monticini, Andrea; Davidson, Russell
1-gen-2005 High Performance Work Organisation and Pay determination: evidence for Europe Dell'Aringa, Carlo; Ghinetti, Paolo Carlo; Lucifora, Claudio
1-gen-2022 High School Choices by Immigrant Students in Italy: Evidence from Administrative Data Aktas, Koray; Argentin, Gianluca; Barbetta, Gianpaolo; Barbieri, Gianna; Colombo, Luca Vittorio Angelo
1-gen-2019 Higher Education Supply,Neighbourhood Effects and Economic Welfare Cottini, Elena; Ghinetti, Paolo; Moriconi, Simone
1-gen-2016 Homelessness and crime: Do your friends matter? Corno, Lucia
1-gen-2021 How do demand and costs affect the nature of innovation? Battaggion, Maria Rosa; Tedeschi, Piero
1-gen-2015 How limiting deceptive practices harms consumers Piccolo, Salvatore; Tedeschi, Piero; Ursino, Giovanni
1-gen-2017 How Productive is Workplace Health and Safety? Buhai, I. Sebastian; Cottini, Elena; Westergaard Nielsen, Niels
1-gen-2023 How to ‘Trump’ the energy market: Evidence from the WTI-Brent spread Dragomirescu-Gaina, Catalin-Florinel; Philippas, Dionisis; Goutte, Stéphane
1-gen-2016 A hybrid public good experiment eliciting multi-dimensional choice data Di Cagno, D.; Galliera, A.; Guth, W.; Panaccione, L.
1-gen-2023 HYSTERESIS AND COST-PUSH INFLATION: WHICH IMPLICATIONS FOR MONETARY POLICY? Brondino, Gabriel; Di Domenico, Lorenzo; Romaniello, Davide
Mostrati risultati da 442 a 461 di 1.190
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