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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2014 Variational analysis of a mesoscale model for bilayer membranes Lussardi, Luca; Röger, Matthias; Peletier, Mark A.
1-gen-2022 Variational analysis of inextensible elastic curves Bevilacqua, G.; Lussardi, L.; Marzocchi, Alfredo
1-gen-2022 Variational methods with application to one-dimensional boundary value problems and numerical evaluations Degiovanni, Marco
1-gen-1995 Variational properties of an image segmentation functional depending on contours curvature Paolini, Maurizio; Bellettini, Giovanni
1-gen-1997 Vector Equilibrium Problems with Generalized Monotone Bifunctions Bianchi, Monica; Hadjisavvas, N.; Schaible, S.
1-gen-2020 A Vertex-centric Markov Chain Algorithm for Network Clustering based on b-Coloring Lin, Jianyi; Mio, C.
1-gen-2009 Visual Interaction for Real-Time Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robots Della Vedova, Marco Luigi; Facchinetti, Tullio; Ferrara, Antonella; Martinelli, Alessandro
1-gen-2015 A visual ontology management system for handling, integrating and enriching semantic repositories Toti, D.; Longhi, A.
1-gen-2010 A Wasserstein approach to the numerical solution of the one-dimensional Cahn-Hilliard equation Naldi, Giovanni; Cavalli, Fausto
1-gen-2000 Weak solutions to general euler's equations via non-smooth critical point theory Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2021 Weak$^*$ fixed point property and the space of affine functions Casini, Emanuele; Miglierina, Enrico; Piasecki, Lukasz
1-gen-2018 Weakly localized states for nonlinear Dirac equations Borrelli, William
1-gen-2023 Weakly-supervised Deep Cognate Detection Framework for Low-Resourced Languages Using Morphological Knowledge of Closely-Related Languages Goswami, Koustava; Rani, Priya; Fransen, Theodorus; Mccrae, John
1-gen-2018 Weak∗ fixed point property in ℓ1 and polyhedrality in Lindenstrauss spaces Casini, Emanuele; Miglierina, Enrico; Piasecki, Lukasz; Popescu, Roxana
1-gen-2019 A Weighted POD Method for Elliptic PDEs with Random Inputs Venturi, L.; Ballarin, Francesco; Rozza, G.
1-gen-2021 A weighted POD-reduction approach for parametrized PDE-constrained optimal control problems with random inputs and applications to environmental sciences Carere, G.; Strazzullo, M.; Ballarin, Francesco; Rozza, G.; Stevenson, R.
1-gen-2019 Weighted Reduced Order Methods for Parametrized Partial Differential Equations with Random Inputs Venturi, L.; Torlo, D.; Ballarin, Francesco; Rozza, G.
1-gen-2024 Weighted Sobolev spaces and Morse estimates for quasilinear elliptic equations Cingolani, Silvia; Degiovanni, Marco; Sciunzi, Berardino
1-gen-2010 Well-posed equilibrium problems Bianchi, Monica; Kassay, Gabor; Pini, Rita
1-gen-2009 Well-posed vector equilibrium problems Bianchi, Monica; Kassay, Gabor; Pini, Rita
Mostrati risultati da 1.142 a 1.161 di 1.171
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