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1-gen-2022 LABs Fermentation Side-Product Positively Influences Rhizosphere and Plant Growth in Greenhouse Lettuce and Tomatoes Bellotti, Gabriele; Taskin, Eren; Sello, S; Sudiro, C; Bortolaso, R; Bandini, Francesca; Guerrieri, Maria Chiara; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Vuolo, F; Puglisi, Edoardo
1-gen-2020 Lactic acid bacteria adjunct cultures exert a mitigation effect against spoilage microbiota in fresh cheese Bassi, D.; Gazzola, S.; Sattin, E.; Dal Bello, F.; Simionati, B.; Cocconcelli, P. S.
1-gen-2012 Lactic Acid Bacteria in Meat Fermentations Fontana, Cecilia Alejandra; Fadda, Silvina; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Vignolo, Graciela
1-gen-2021 Lactic Acid Bacteria Strains Differently Modulate Gut Microbiota and Metabolic and Immunological Parameters in High-Fat Diet-Fed Mice Fabersani, E.; Marquez, A.; Russo, M.; Ross, R.; Torres, S.; Fontana, Cecilia Alejandra; Puglisi, Edoardo; Medina, R.; Gauffin-Cano, P.
1-gen-2021 Lactobacillus plantarum and lactobacillus reuteri as functional feed additives to prevent diarrhoea in weaned piglets Dell'Anno, M.; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Reggi, S.; Caprarulo, V.; Giromini, C.; Spalletta, A.; Coranelli, S.; Rossi, C. A. S.; Rossi, L.
1-gen-2022 Land-use change affects the diversity and functionality of soil bacterial communities in semi-arid Chaco region, Argentina Viruel, E.; Fontana, Cecilia Alejandra; Puglisi, Edoardo; Nasca, J. A.; Banegas, N. R.; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro
1-gen-2011 Land-use management fingerprint on the soil microbial diversity. Fontanili: a case study. Puglisi, Edoardo; Vasileiadis, Sotirios; Cappa, Fabrizio; Trevisan, Marco; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro
1-gen-2018 The late blowing defect of hard cheeses: Behaviour of cells and spores of Clostridium tyrobutyricum throughout the cheese manufacturing and ripening D'Incecco, Paolo; Pellegrino, Luisa; Hogenbooma, Johannes; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Bassi, Daniela
1-gen-2020 Lignans and Gut Microbiota: An Interplay Revealing Potential Health Implications Senizza, Alice; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Mosele, J; Patrone, Vania; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Morelli, Lorenzo; Lucini, Luigi
1-gen-2020 Linoleic acid induces metabolic stress in the intestinal microorganism Bifidobacterium breve DSM 20213 Senizza, Alice; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Lucini, Luigi; Morelli, Lorenzo
1-gen-2021 Low density polyethylene degradation by filamentous fungi Spina, Francesca; Tummino, M. L.; Poli, A.; Prigione, V.; Ilieva, V.; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Puglisi, Edoardo; Bracco, P.; Zanetti, M.; Varese, G. C.
1-gen-2014 L’effetto dell’innalzamento della CO2 sui microorganismi del suolo Puglisi, Edoardo
1-gen-2015 Manganese and iron as structuring parameters of microbial communities in Arctic marine sediments from the Baffin Bay Algora, C.; Vasileiadis, Sotirios; Wasmund, K.; Trevisan, Marco; Krüger, M.; Puglisi, Edoardo; Adrian, L.
1-gen-2022 Metabolomics and gene-metabolite networks reveal the potential of Leuconostoc and Weissella strains as starter cultures in the manufacturing of bread without baker’s yeast Lopez, Constanza Maria; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Fontana, Alessandra; Lucini, Luigi; Rebecchi, Annalisa
1-gen-2023 Metabolomics and proteomics approaches provide a better understanding of non-enzymatic browning and pink discoloration in dairy products: A mini review Rocchetti, Gabriele; Galimberti, Sofia; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Lucini, Luigi
1-gen-2023 Metagenomic bacterial diversity and metabolomics profiling of Buttafuoco wine production Zambianchi, Sara; Patrone, Vania; Becchi, Pier Paolo; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Stagnati, Lorenzo; Lucini, Luigi; Morelli, Lorenzo; Busconi, Matteo
1-gen-2021 Microbacterium paulum sp. nov., isolated from microfiltered milk Bellassi, Paolo; Fontana, Alessandra; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Cappa, Fabrizio; Morelli, Lorenzo
1-gen-2019 Microbacterium: adapted bacteria to microfiltrated milk Bellassi, Paolo; Fontana, Alessandra; Cappa, Fabrizio
1-gen-2018 Microbial activity response to hydrogen injection in thermophilic anaerobic digesters revealed by genome-centric metatranscriptomics Fontana, Alessandra; Kougias, Panagiotis G.; Treu, Laura; Kovalovszki, Adam; Valle, Giorgio; Cappa, Fabrizio; Morelli, Lorenzo; Angelidaki, Irini; Campanaro, Stefano
1-gen-2015 Microbial analyses of traditional Italian salami reveal microorganisms transfer from the natural casing to the meat matrix Pisacane, Vincenza; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Puglisi, Edoardo; Dallolio, Giuliano; Rebecchi, Annalisa
Mostrati risultati da 203 a 222 di 374
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