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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2023 Machine perfusion techniques for liver transplantation - A meta-analysis of the first seven randomized-controlled trials Parente, Alessandro; Tirotta, Fabio; Pini, Alessia; Eden, Janina; Dondossola, Daniele; Manzia, Tommaso M; Dutkowski, Philipp; Schlegel, Andrea
1-gen-2017 “Management accounting practices, mental states and performance: how do role clarity and self-efficacy mediate the relationship between budgetary participation and managerial performance?” Macinati, Manuela Samantha; Rizzo, Marco Giovanni; Cantaluppi, Gabriele
1-gen-2002 MAP: l'indagine e il suo follow up Rivellini, Giulia; Rizzi, Ester Lucia
1-gen-2021 Marital breakdowns in Italy: recent regulatory changes and territorial analysis Rivellini, Giulia; Guarneri, A.; Rinesi, F.
1-gen-2012 Marital Disruption and Subjective Well-being: Evidence from an Italian Panel Survey Rosina, Alessandro; Rivellini, Giulia; Sironi, Emiliano
1-gen-2016 Marital status and psychological well-being: A cross section analysis Perini, Ugo; Sironi, Emiliano
1-gen-2021 Market Crashes and Recoveries: The "Zero Risk Line" Approach Bramante, Riccardo; Facchinetti, Silvia
1-gen-2002 Markov driven ordinal probit models for the analysis of air pollution time series Zanarotti, Maria Chiara
1-gen-2002 Markov switching autoregressive models for air pollution analysis Paroli, Roberta; Deldossi, Laura; Spezia, Luigi
1-gen-2002 Markov switching autoregressive models for the analysis of the dynamics of sulphur dioxide Paroli, Roberta; Spezia, Luigi
1-gen-2003 Markov switching autoregressive models: hidden chain reconstruction, missing observation restoration, forecasting Deldossi, Laura; Paroli, Roberta; Spezia, Luigi
1-gen-2001 Markov Switching Autoregressive Models: Hidden Chain Reconstruction, Missing Observations Restoration, Forecasting Paroli, Roberta; Spezia, Luigi
1-gen-2021 Marriage or cohabitation in Bulgaria: How do these two types of union relate to the satisfaction of psychological needs? Alfieri, Sara; Gennari, Maria Luisa; Sironi, Emiliano
1-gen-2011 Materiali per il corso di demografia e movimenti migratori Zanarotti, Maria Chiara
1-gen-2007 Mean–field variational approximate Bayesian inference for latent variables models Consonni, Guido; Marin Jean, M.
1-gen-2020 The Measure of Population Aging in Different Welfare Regimes: A Bayesian Dynamic Modeling Approach Paroli, Roberta; Consonni, Guido; Rosina, Alessandro
1-gen-2011 Measurement errors and uncertainty: a statistical perspective Deldossi, Laura; Zappa, Diego
1-gen-2009 Measurement errors and uncertainty: a statistical perspective, Deldossi, Laura; Zappa, Diego
1-gen-2015 measurement errors arising when using distances in spatial microeconometric modelling and the individuals' position is geo-masked for confidentiality Arbia, Giuseppe; Espa, Giuseppe; Giuliani, Diego
Mostrati risultati da 547 a 566 di 1.019
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