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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2022 Model-based clustering via new parsimonious mixtures of heavy-tailed distributions Tomarchio, S. D.; Bagnato, L.; Punzo, A.
1-gen-2022 A new family of multivariate centrally symmetric distributions Bagnato, Luca; Punzo, Antonio
1-gen-2022 A New Decomposition of Orthogonal Matrices with Application to Common Principal Components Bagnato, Luca; Punzo, Antonio
1-gen-2022 Leptokurtic moment-parameterized elliptically contoured distributions with application to financial stock returns Bagnato, L.; Punzo, A.; Zoia, Maria
1-gen-2022 Dimension-wise scaled normal mixtures with application to finance and biometry Punzo, A.; Bagnato, L.
1-gen-2022 Multiple scaled symmetric distributions in allometric studies Punzo, A.; Bagnato, L.
1-gen-2021 Modelling the cryptocurrency return distribution via Laplace scale mixtures Punzo, Antonio; Bagnato, Luca
1-gen-2021 A unified skew‐normal geostatistical factor model Minozzo, Marco; Bagnato, Luca
1-gen-2021 Forecasting in GARCH models with polynomially modified innovations Vacca, Gianmarco; Zoia, Maria; Bagnato, Luca
1-gen-2021 The multivariate tail-inflated normal distribution and its application in finance Punzo, A.; Bagnato, L.
1-gen-2021 Unconstrained representation of orthogonal matrices with application to common principal components Bagnato, Luca; Punzo, Antonio
1-gen-2020 Waiting for Godot? success or failure of firms’ growth in a panel of italian manufacturing firms Bartoloni, Eleonora; Baussola, Maurizio; Bagnato, Luca
1-gen-2020 Two new matrix-variate distributions with application in model-based clustering Tomarchio, Salvatore D.; Punzo, Antonio; Bagnato, Luca
1-gen-2020 Allometric analysis using the multivariate shifted exponential normal distribution Punzo, A.; Bagnato, L.
1-gen-2019 Hidden Markov and Semi-Markov Models with Multivariate Leptokurtic-Normal Components for Robust Modeling of Daily Returns Series Maruotti, Antonello; Punzo, Antonio; Bagnato, Luca
1-gen-2019 An insight into the Italian economy from an analysis based on the industrial production index in both frequency and time domains Zoia, Maria; Barbieri, Laura; Bagnato, Luca
1-gen-2019 Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization Greselin, F.; Deldossi, L.; Bagnato, L.; Vichi, M.
1-gen-2018 Waiting for Godot: the failure of SMEs in the Italian Manufacturing Industry to grow Bagnato, Luca; Bartoloni, Eleonora; Baussola, Maurizio
1-gen-2018 Testing for serial independence: beyond the Portmanteau approach Bagnato, Luca; De Capitani, Lucio; Punzo, Antonio
1-gen-2018 Compound unimodal distributions for insurance losses Punzo, Antonio; Bagnato, Luca; Maruotti, Antonello
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 44
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