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1-gen-2015 A flux-based assessment of above and below ground biomass of holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) seedlings after one season of exposure to high ozone concentrations Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Fusaro, Lina; Monga Ilunga Dikoshi, Robert; Finco, Angelo; Fares, Silvano; Manes, Fausto; Marzuoli, Riccardo
1-gen-2009 A flux-based assessment of the effects of ozone on foliar injury, photosynthesis, and yield of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Borlotto Nano Lingua di Fuoco) in open-top chambers Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Rossini, Micol; Panigada, Cinzia; Meroni, Michele; Colombo, Roberto; Faoro, Franco; Iriti, Marcello
1-gen-2013 A New webGIS Platform Dedicated to Forest Extreme Events in the Alps: Aims and Functionalities Oliveri, Stefano; Pregnolato, Marco; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro
1-gen-2012 A simple linear model for estimating ozone AOT40 at forest sites from raw passive sampling data Ferretti, Marco; Cristofolini, Fabiana; Cristofori, Antonella; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Gottardini, Elena
1-gen-2016 The Accent-Vocbas Field Campaign on Biosphere-Atmosphere interaction in a Mediterranean ecosystem of Castelporziano (Rome): site characteristics, climatic and meteorological conditions, and eco-physiology of vegetation Fares, S.; Mereu, S.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Vitale, M.; Manes, F.; Frattoni, M; Ciccioli, P; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Loreto, F
1-gen-2009 The ACCENT-VOCBAS field campaign on biosphere-atmosphere interactions in a Mediterranean ecosystem of Castelporziano (Rome): site characteristics, climatic and meteorological conditions, and eco-physiology of vegetation Fares, Silvano; Mereu, Simone; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe; Vitale, Marcello; Manes, Fausto; Frattoni, M.; Ciccioli, Paolo; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Loreto, Francesco
1-gen-2009 An integrated approach shows different use of water resources from Mediterranean maquis species in a coastal dune ecosystem Mereu, Simone; Salvatori, Elisabetta; Fusaro, Lina; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Muys, B.; Manes, Fausto
1-gen-2013 Assessing Present and Future Ozone Hazards to Natural Forests in the Alpine Area — Comparison of a Wide Scale Mapping Technique with Local Passive Sampler Measurements Finco, Angelo; Oliveri, Stefano; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Winiwarter, W; Zuger, J; Gebetsroither, E.
1-gen-2019 Assessing the Impact of Ozone on Forest Trees in An Integrative Perspective: Are Foliar Visible Symptoms Suitable Predictors for Growth Reduction? A Critical Review Marzuoli, Riccardo; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Bussotti, Filippo; Pollastrini, Martina
1-gen-2010 Assessment of ozone threat on a coastal maquis ecosystem in relation with water availability and inorganic nitrogen gaseous compounds Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Finco, Angelo; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Mereu, Simone; Ballarin Denti, Antonio Angelo
1-gen-2009 Atmospheric composition change: Ecosystems–Atmosphere interactions Fowler, David; Pilegaard, Kim; Sutton, Mark; Ambus, P.; Raivonen, M.; Duyzer, Jan; Simpson, David; Fagerli, H.; Fuzzi, Sandro; Schjoerring, J. K.; Granier, C.; Neftel, Albrecht; Isaksen, I. S. A.; Laj, Paolo; Maione, Michela; Monks, Paul; Burkhardt, J.; Daemmgen, ; Neirynck, J.; Personne, E.; Wichink Kruit, R.; Butterbach Bahl, K.; Flechard, Chris; Tuovinen, Juha Pekka; Coyle, Mhairi; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; A. a. V., V.
1-gen-2016 Biomass and physiological responses of Quercus robur (L.) young trees during 2 years of treatments with different levels of ozone and nitrogen wet deposition Marzuoli, Riccardo; Monga, Robert; Finco, Angelo; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro
1-gen-2014 Biomass response of young Holmoak trees after one season of ozone treatment in well watered condition Marzuoli, Riccardo; Monga Ilunga Dikoshi, Robert; Finco, Angelo; Fusaro, Lina; Salvatori, Elisabetta; Fares, Silvano; Kuzminsky, Elena; Manes, Fausto; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro
1-gen-2013 Case Study: Valle Camonica and the Adamello Park Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Finco, Angelo; Oliveri, Stefano; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Ducoli, A; Sangalli, G; Comini, B; Nastasio, P; Cocca, G; Gagliazzi, E.
1-gen-2008 Challenges in understanding the risks to natural and semi-natural vegetation from ozone exposure Cape, Neil J.; Bassin, Seraina; Fuhrer, Juerg; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Alonso, Rocio; Gimeno, Ben S.; Gruenhage, Ludger; Mikkelsen, T. N.; Mills, Gina
1-gen-2018 Characterization of ozone deposition to a mixed oak–hornbeam forest – flux measurements at five levels above and inside the canopy and their interactions with nitric oxide Finco, Angelo; Coyle, Mhairi; Nemitz, Eiko; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Chiesa, Maria; Loubet, Benjamin; Fares, Silvano; Diaz-Pines, Eugenio; Gasche, Rainer; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro
1-gen-2016 Characterization of total ecosystem-scale biogenic VOC exchange at a Mediterranean oak–hornbeam forest Schallhart, Simon; Rantala, Pekka; Nemitz, Eiko; Taipale, Ditte; Tillmann, Ralf; Mentel, Thomas F.; Loubet, Benjamin; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Finco, Angelo; Rinne, Janne; Ruuskanen, Taina M.
1-gen-2010 Combination effect of sea spray and ozone on gas exchange parameters and fluorescence O-J-I-P transients in mediterranean maquis species Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Mereu, Simone; Fusaro, Lina; Salvatori, Elisabetta; Spano, Donatella; Manes, Fausto
1-gen-2009 Comparison of seasonal variations of ozone exposure and fluxes in a Mediterranean Holm oak forest between the exceptionally dry 2003 and the following year Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Finco, Angelo; Mereu, Simone; Vitale, Marcello; Manes, Fausto; Ballarin Denti, Antonio Angelo
1-gen-2014 Contrasting effects of water salinity and ozone concentration on two cultivars of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) in Mediterranean conditions Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Finco, Angelo; Monga Ilunga Dikoshi, Robert; Fusaro, Ida; Faoro, Franco
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 109
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