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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2020 Why do network organizations fail? Tunisini, Annalisa; Marchiori, M.
1-gen-2020 Why Do Populists Neglect Climate Change? A Behavioural Approach Lorenzetti, Lorenza Alexandra
1-gen-2018 Why does structuralism return to the forefront? Fernandez, V. R.; Brondino, Gabriel
1-gen-2012 Why Does the Interest Rate Decline Over the Day? Evidence from the Liquidity Crisis Baglioni, Angelo Stefano; Monticini, Andrea
1-gen-2024 Why insurance regulators need to require sensitivity settings of internal models for their approval Borgonovo, Emanuele; Clemente, Gian Paolo; Rabitti, Giovanni
1-gen-2013 Why Italy's saving rate became (so) low? Campiglio, Luigi Pierfranco
1-gen-2013 Why one size doesn’t fit all – Case of Italy Borghi, Claudio
1-gen-2010 Why so unhappy? The effects of unionization on job satisfaction Lucifora, Claudio; Bryson, Alex; Cappellari, Lorenzo
1-gen-2018 Why Wages Tend To Be Lower In Worker Owned Firms Than In Investor Owned Firms? Bonatti, L.; Lorenzetti, Lorenza Alexandra
1-gen-2018 The "why" of international entrepreneurship: uncovering entrepreneurs’ personal values Bolzani, Daniela; der foo, Maw
1-gen-2017 The "why"€ of international entrepreneurship: uncovering entrepreneurs personal values Bolzani, Daniela; Foo, Maw Der
1-gen-2018 The “why” of international entrepreneurship: uncovering entrepreneurs’ personal values Bolzani, Daniela; Der Foo, Maw
1-gen-1978 Wicksell Effects and Reswitchings of Technique in Capital Theory Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2010 Widening the Disciplinary Scope of eParticipation. Reflections after a Research on Tourism and Cultural Heritage Ricciardi, Francesca; Lombardi, Patrizia
1-gen-2010 Wii: la rinascita di Nintendo Salvador, Mauro
1-gen-2016 Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Argiento, Raffaele
1-gen-2024 Will My Start-up Survive? The Effect of Entrepreneurs’ Manipulative Narcissism and Cultural Factors on Start-ups’ Survival Leonelli, Simona; Jalal, Raja Nabeel Ud Din
1-gen-2021 Willingness to pay for alternative features of land-use policies: the case of the lake Garda region Arata, Linda; Diluiso, F.; Guastella, Giovanni; Pareglio, Stefano; Sckokai, Paolo
1-gen-2008 Winds of Change and Policies. The Inequality-Employment Trade-off in the OECD Mastromatteo, Giuseppe; Destefanis, Sergio
1-gen-1999 Winners and Losers: an Analysis of Earnings Mobility in Italy Lucifora, Claudio
Mostrati risultati da 11.108 a 11.127 di 11.173
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