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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-1987 Kahn, Richard Ferdinand (1905-1989) Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2021 ‘Kaldor Facts’ and the decline of wage share: An Agent Based-Stock Flow Consistent model of induced technical change along Classical and Keynesian lines Fanti, Lucrezia
1-gen-1979 Kaldor Nicholas Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2015 Kaldor's ‘technical progress function' and Verdoorn's law revisited Spreafico, Marta; Mccombie, John S. L.
1-gen-2015 Karl Ludwig von Bruck: an unexpected leader of European history in the 1850s Besana, Claudio; Pollastro, Vanessa; Coppola, Adriana
1-gen-2019 Karl Marx: uno spartiacque nella storia della teoria economica Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2020 Keep your customer knowledgeable: financial advisors as educators Migliavacca, Milena
1-gen-2019 Kernel-based estimation of individual location densities from smartphone data Finazzi, F.; Paci, L.
1-gen-2016 Key factors for success of social enterprises in Italy: analysis if the financial and operating performance Raoli, Elisa; Magnanelli, Barbara Sveva; Sacchi, Agnese
1-gen-2013 Key features of Relationship Value and their Management Corsaro, Daniela
1-gen-2021 Key indicators of ethical challenges in digital healthcare: A combined Delphi exploration and confirmative factor analysis approach with evidence from Khorasan province in Iran Rezaei, Mojtaba; Jafari-Sadeghi, Vahid; Cao, Dongmei; Mahdiraji, Hannan Amoozad
1-gen-2022 Key success factors to be sustainable and innovative in the textile and fashion industry: evidences from two Italian luxury brands Bernardi, Alberta; Chiara, Cantù; Cedrola, Elena
1-gen-2018 Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2007 Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians: a ‘Revolution in Economics’ to be Accomplished, Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2010 Keynes e i Keynesiani di Cambridge. Una 'rivoluzione in economia' da portare a compimento Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-1999 Keynesian elements in a long-term analysis. The views of two influential pre- and postwar italian economists Rotondi, Claudia; Parisi, Daniela
1-gen-2018 KIBS nuovi servizi per una nuova prospettiva manageriale multiculturale Cantu', Chiara Luisa; Tzannis, Alessandra
1-gen-2015 Kim and Omberg Revisited: The Duality Approach Battauz, A; De Donno, Marzia; Sbuelz, Alessandro
1-gen-2019 Kirchhoffian indices for weighted digraphs Bianchi, Monica; Palacios, José Luis; Torriero, Anna; Wirkierman, Ariel Luis
1-gen-2021 Knockin’ on heaven’s door? Reframing the debate on temporary employment and wages: Evidence from Europe Bellani, Daniela; Bosio, Giacomo
Mostrati risultati da 5.656 a 5.675 di 11.174
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