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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2022 How relationships foster the internationalization of startups in the space tech industry Cantù, Chiara; Hu, Lala; Olivieri, Mirko
1-gen-2015 How service innovation shapes value creation in multi-stakeholder system: as social construction approach Mele, Cristina; Corsaro, Daniela; Sebastiani, Roberta
1-gen-2015 How stakeholder management fosters firm growth behavior: emerging patterns from family firms that outperform competitors. Minoja, Mario; Lionzo, Andrea; Lassini, Ugo
1-gen-2013 How stakeholder management fosters firm growth behaviour: emerging patterns from family firms that outperform competitors Minoja, Mario; Lionzo, Andrea; Lassini, Ugo
1-gen-2018 How technology travels from old to new firms: the role of employees’ entrepreneurship in technology ventures. Landoni, Matteo; Ogilvie, Dt
1-gen-2003 How the measure process can influence the evaluation of public service: a case study Zanarotti, Maria Chiara; Pagani, L.
1-gen-2023 How to Assess the Intellectual Capital of Firms in Uncertain Times: A Systematic Literature Review Cosa, Marcello; Stuckler, David
1-gen-2022 How to attract professional investors in developing countries? An evidence-based structure for development impact bonds Gallucci, Carmen; Del Giudice, Alfonso; Santulli, Rosalia
1-gen-2004 How to communicate sustainable tourism to young consumers (18 to 25-year old): a comparison between Italy and Germany Santagostino, Rita Maria; Battaglia, Loretta; Li Pomi, Grazia; Gavinelli, Laura; Lombardi, Alessandra
1-gen-2009 How to design an Effective Social Enterprise: The Community Organizational Model and The Engagement of the Primary Social Stakeholder Imperatori, Barbara
1-gen-2021 How to design decentralisation to curb secessionist pressures? Top-down vs. bottom-up reforms Cerniglia, Floriana Margherita; Longaretti, R.; Zanardi, A.
1-gen-2009 How to Design Effective ISHR Systems for Creativity Imperatori, Barbara; Bissola, Rita
1-gen-2020 How to face the unexpected: Identification and leadership in managing bricolage Paolino, Chiara
1-gen-2017 How to Fight Unemployment with the Minsky Alternative in Italy and in the EU Mastromatteo, Giuseppe; Esposito, Lorenzo
1-gen-2021 How to Leverage Digital Marketing in B2B: A Study on Italian SMEs During the Covid-19 Outbreak Hu, Lala; Olivieri, Mirko
1-gen-2022 How to make the EU Energy Platform an effective emergency tool Boltz, Walter; Borchardt, K. D.; Deschuyteneer, Thierry; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Hancher, Leigh; Lévêque, Francois; Mcwilliams, Ben; Ockenfels, Axel; Zachmann, Georg; Tagliapietra, Simone
1-gen-2018 How to measure cybersecurity risk Facchinetti, Silvia; Giudici, Paolo; Osmetti, Silvia Angela
1-gen-2020 How to perform cyber risk assessment via cumulative logit models Facchinetti, Silvia; Osmetti, Silvia Angela; Tarantola, C.
1-gen-2020 How to Scale Social Innovation in the Bottom of Pyramid Market: The Story of Kenya’s Innovation Eye Centre Sottini, Andrea Carlo Maria; Ciambotti, Giacomo; Sydow, Alisa
1-gen-2018 How to use digital diaries in data collection to engage networked consumers Biraghi, Silvia; Gambetti, Rossella Chiara
Mostrati risultati da 4.152 a 4.171 di 10.576
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