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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-1996 (1+1)-dimensional Yang-Mills theories in light cone gauge Nardelli, Giuseppe; Bassetto, Antonio
1-gen-1999 1/f and 1/f2 noise spectral densities in sensors made by polymers and SnO2 Weimar, U.; Schweizer-Berberich, M.; Barsan, N.; Krauss, A.; Gopel, W.; Gardner, J.; Bartlett, P.; Sberveglieri, G.; Faglia, G.; Dell'Era, A.; Filosofi, G.; Di Natale, C.; Mantini, Alessandro; Falconi, C.; D'Amico, A.
1-gen-2021 2D-MoS2 goes 3D: transferring optoelectronic properties of 2D MoS2 to a large-area thin film Timpel, M.; Ligorio, G.; Ghiami, A.; Gavioli, Luca; Cavaliere, Emanuele; Chiappini, A.; Rossi, F.; Pasquali, L.; Garisch, F.; List-Kratochvil, E. J. W.; Nozar, P.; Quaranta, A.; Verucchi, R.; Nardi, M. V.
1-gen-1998 A Class of Two Dimensional Yang-Mills Vacua and their Relation to the Non Linear Sigma Model Nardelli, Giuseppe; Bassetto, Antonio
1-gen-1991 A Flat Chern-Simons gauge theory for (2+1)-dimensional gravity coupled to point particles Nardelli, Giuseppe; Grignani, Gianluca
1-gen-2015 A flux-based assessment of above and below ground biomass of holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) seedlings after one season of exposure to high ozone concentrations Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Fusaro, Lina; Monga Ilunga Dikoshi, Robert; Finco, Angelo; Fares, Silvano; Manes, Fausto; Marzuoli, Riccardo
1-gen-2009 A flux-based assessment of the effects of ozone on foliar injury, photosynthesis, and yield of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Borlotto Nano Lingua di Fuoco) in open-top chambers Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Rossini, Micol; Panigada, Cinzia; Meroni, Michele; Colombo, Roberto; Faoro, Franco; Iriti, Marcello
1-gen-1989 A geometric approach to quantum vortices Penna, Vittorio; Spera, Mauro
1-gen-1998 A Monte-Carlo simulation of low energy photoelectron scattering in Cs2Te Ferrini, Gabriele; Michelato, P.; Parmigiani, Fulvio
1-gen-2013 A New webGIS Platform Dedicated to Forest Extreme Events in the Alps: Aims and Functionalities Oliveri, Stefano; Pregnolato, Marco; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro
1-gen-2012 A simple linear model for estimating ozone AOT40 at forest sites from raw passive sampling data Ferretti, Marco; Cristofolini, Fabiana; Cristofori, Antonella; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Gottardini, Elena
1-gen-2006 A Solution to the 4-tachyon off-shell amplitude in cubic string field theory Nardelli, Giuseppe; Forini, Valentina; Grignani, Gianluca
1-gen-2014 A superradiance-based biological switch Borgonovi, Fausto; Celardo, Giuseppe
1-gen-2010 Ab-initio calculations of all-optical time-resolved calorimetry of nanosized systems: Evidence of nanosecond-decoupling of electron and phonon temperatures Banfi, Francesco; Pressacco, Federico; Revaz, Bernard; Giannetti, Claudio; Nardi, Damiano; Ferrini, Gabriele; Parmigiani, Fulvio
1-gen-2016 The Accent-Vocbas Field Campaign on Biosphere-Atmosphere interaction in a Mediterranean ecosystem of Castelporziano (Rome): site characteristics, climatic and meteorological conditions, and eco-physiology of vegetation Fares, S.; Mereu, S.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Vitale, M.; Manes, F.; Frattoni, M; Ciccioli, P; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Loreto, F
1-gen-2009 The ACCENT-VOCBAS field campaign on biosphere-atmosphere interactions in a Mediterranean ecosystem of Castelporziano (Rome): site characteristics, climatic and meteorological conditions, and eco-physiology of vegetation Fares, Silvano; Mereu, Simone; Scarascia Mugnozza, Giuseppe; Vitale, Marcello; Manes, Fausto; Frattoni, M.; Ciccioli, Paolo; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Loreto, Francesco
1-gen-2019 Accessing temperature waves: A dispersion relation perspective Gandolfi, Marco; Benetti, Giulio; Glorieux, C.; Giannetti, Claudio; Banfi, Francesco
1-gen-2014 Accidents at work and costs analysis: A field study in a large Italian company Battaglia, Massimo; Frey, Marco; Passetti, Emilio
1-gen-2022 Action complexity in the presence of defects and boundaries Auzzi, Roberto; Baiguera, Stefano; Bonansea, Sara; Nardelli, Giuseppe
1-gen-2011 Adaptation of soil microorganisms to trace element contamination: a review of mechanisms, methodologies and consequences for risk assessment and remediation. Puglisi, Edoardo; Hamon, R; Vasileiadis, Sotirios; Coppolecchia, Damiano; Trevisan, Marco
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 727
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