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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2023 Natural Language Understanding for the Recommendation of Learning Resources Within Student Collaboration Tools Capuano, N.; Lomasto, L.; Pozzi, Andrea; Toti, Daniele
1-gen-2021 Necessary and sufficient conditions for the roots of a cubic polynomial and bifurcations of codimension-1, -2, -3 for 3D maps Gardini, L.; Schmitt, N.; Sushko, I.; Tramontana, F.; Westerhoff, F.
1-gen-2016 The Nehari manifold for fractional systems involving critical nonlinearities He, X.; Squassina, Marco; Zou, W.
1-gen-2019 NETHIC: A system for automatic text classification using neural networks and hierarchical taxonomies Ciapetti, A.; Di Florio, R.; Lomasto, L.; Miscione, G.; Ruggiero, G.; Toti, D.
1-gen-2022 A Neural Network-Based Approximation of Model Predictive Control for a Lithium-Ion Battery with Electro-Thermal Dynamics Pozzi, A.; Moura, S.; Toti, D.
1-gen-2018 A New Axiomatization of the Banzhaf Index for Games with Abstention Bernardi, Giulia
1-gen-2016 New bounds for the sum of powers of normalized Laplacian eigenvalues of graphs Clemente, Gian Paolo; Cornaro, Alessandra
1-gen-2015 New bounds of degree-based topological indices for some classes of c-cyclic graphs Bianchi, Monica; Cornaro, Alessandra; Torriero, Anna; Palacios, José Luis
1-gen-2018 New characterization of magnetic Sobolev spaces Nguyen, Hoai-Minh; Pinamonti, Andrea; Squassina, Marco; Vecchi, Eugenio
1-gen-2019 New characterization of Sobolev metric spaces Di Marino, Simone; Squassina, Marco
1-gen-2013 A New Lower Bound for the Kirchhoff Index using a numerical procedure based on Majorization Techniques Cornaro, Alessandra; Clemente, Gian Paolo
1-gen-2021 New methods to attack the Buratti-Horak-Rosa conjecture Ollis, M. A.; Pasotti, A.; Pellegrini, M. A.; Schmitt, J. R.
1-gen-2017 New Trends in Majorization Techniques for Bounding Topological Indices Bianchi, Monica; Clemente, Gian Paolo; Cornaro, Alessandra; Palacios, J. L.; Torriero, Anna
1-gen-2013 New upper and lower bounds for the additive degree-Kirchhoff index Torriero, Anna; Bianchi, Monica; Cornaro, Alessandra; Palacios, José Luis
1-gen-2016 New Upper Bounds for the ABC Index Cornaro, Alessandra; Bianchi, Monica; Torriero, Anna; Palacios, José Luis
1-gen-2012 Niccolò Tartaglia nella storia con antologia degli scritti Pizzamiglio, Pierluigi
1-gen-2008 Nilpotent groups of semilinear transformations which are monomial Tamburini Bellani, Maria Clara; Lucchini, Andrea
1-gen-2006 Nodal solutions of nonlinear elliptic Dirichlet problems on radial domains Bartsch, Thomas; Degiovanni, Marco
1-gen-2007 Non local approximation of free discontinuity functionals with linear growth: the one-dimensional case Lussardi, Luca; Vitali, Enrico
Mostrati risultati da 572 a 591 di 1.078
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