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1-gen-2013 Are pesticides affecting the dynamics, community structure and activity of soil microorganisms? Meta-analysis of a bibliographic review Puglisi, Edoardo; Karpouzas, Dimitrios; Coppola, Laura; Rossi, Riccardo; Arena, Maria; Trevisan, Marco; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro
1-gen-2009 Array-based transcriptional analysis of bacteria in food ecosystems Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Bassi, Daniela; Gazzola, Simona; Cappa, Fabrizio
1-gen-2013 Array-based transcriptional analysis of Clostridium sporogenes UC9000 during germination, cell outgrowth and vegetative life Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Bassi, Daniela; Cappa, Fabrizio
1-gen-2009 Array-based transcriptional analysis of Clostridium sporogenes/botulinum during its vegetative cycle, germination process and outgrowth Bassi, Daniela; Cappa, Fabrizio; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro
1-gen-2012 Assessing biochemical and biomolecular gradients along an ombrotrophic peat bog profile Puglisi, Edoardo; Cappa, Fabrizio; Zaccone, Claudio; Miano, Teodoro; Trevisan, Marco
1-gen-2012 Assessment of 16S rDNA hypervariable regions for screening bacterial diversity in complex soil environments with multimillion sequence read generating technologies Vasileiadis, Sotirios; Puglisi, Edoardo; Arena, Maria; Cappa, Fabrizio; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Trevisan, Marco
1-gen-2020 Assessment of antibiotic resistance in staphylococci involved in fermented meat product processing Lopez, Constanza Maria; Callegari, Maria Luisa; Patrone, Vania; Rebecchi, Annalisa
1-gen-2023 Assessment of chitosan/pectin-rich vegetable waste composites for the active packaging of dry foods Merino, D; Bellassi, Paolo; Paul C, U; Morelli, Lorenzo; Athanassiou, A
1-gen-2012 Assessment of tetracycline and erythromycin resistance transfer during sausage fermentation by culture-dependent and -independent methods. Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Gazzola, Simona; Fontana, Cecilia Alejandra; Bassi, Daniela
1-gen-2009 Atomic force and scanning near-field optical microscopy combined to measure physical properties in biophysical research Ferrini, Gabriele; Andreeva, Natalia; Bassi, Daniela; Cappa, Fabrizio; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Prato, Stefano; Troian, Barbara; Parmigiani, Fulvio
1-gen-2023 Bacterial and Fungal Communities Are Specifically Modulated by the Cocoa Bean Fermentation Method Ghisolfi, Rebecca; Bandini, Francesca; Vaccari, Filippo; Bellotti, Gabriele; Bortolini, Cristian; Patrone, Vania; Puglisi, Edoardo; Morelli, Lorenzo
1-gen-2012 Bacterial communities analysis of amaranth and quinoa dough fermentation by PCR-DGGE(Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis). Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Pingitore, E; Saavedra, L; Fontan, C; Rebecchi, Annalisa; Bassi, Daniela; Pisacane, Vincenza; Vignolo, G; Hebert, E.
1-gen-2020 Bacterial communities associated to the urethra of healthy gilts and pregnant sows undergoing different reproductive protocols Torres Luque, A.; Fontana, Cecilia Alejandra; Pasteris, S. E.; Bassi, Daniela; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Otero, M. C.
1-gen-2021 Bacterial community profiling of floating plastics from South Mediterranean sites: First evidence of effects on mussels as possible vehicles of transmission Bandini, Francesca; Hchaichi, I.; Zitouni, N.; Missawi, O.; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Puglisi, Edoardo; Banni, M.
1-gen-2015 Bacterial diversity and chemical pollutants invertigation in ice core of Campbel Glacier in Northern Victora Land in Antarctica Cappa, Fabrizio; Puglisi, Edoardo; Ferrari, Susanna; Trevisan, Marco; Suciu, Nicoleta; Maggi, Valter; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro
1-gen-2012 Bacterial diversity assessment of highly complex soil environments using multi-million read generating sequencing technologies. Vasileiadis, Sotirios; Puglisi, Edoardo; Arena, Maria; Cappa, Fabrizio; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Trevisan, Marco
1-gen-2014 Bacterial diversity in a contaminated Alpine glacier as determined by culture-based and molecular approaches Cappa, Fabrizio; Suciu, Nicoleta; Trevisan, Marco; Ferrari, Susanna; Puglisi, Edoardo; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro
1-gen-2015 Bacterial diversity in typical Italian salami at different ripening stages as revealed by high-throughput sequencing of 16S rRNA amplicons Polka, Justyna Urszula; Rebecchi, Annalisa; Pisacane, Vincenza; Morelli, Lorenzo; Puglisi, Edoardo
1-gen-2014 Bacterial ecology of PDO Coppa and Pancetta Piacentina at the end of ripening and after MAP storage of sliced product. Busconi, Matteo; Zacconi, Carla; Scolari, Gianluigi
1-gen-2023 Behaviour and fate of Ag-NPs, TiO2-NPs and ZnO-NPs in the human gastrointestinal tract: Biopersistence rate evaluation Ferrante, M.; Grasso, A.; Giuberti, Gianluca; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Puglisi, Edoardo; Arena, G.; Nicosia, A.; Fiore, M.; Copat, C.
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 371
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