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1-gen-2009 Parabens as Agents for Improving Crocetin Esters’ Shelf-Life in Aqueous Saffron Extract Maggi, Luana; Carmona, Manuel; Zalacain, Amaya; Martínez Tomé, Magdalena; Murcia, María Antonia; Gonzalo Luis, Alonso
1-gen-2021 Pasta from yellow lentils: How process affects starch features and pasta quality Bresciani, A.; Giuberti, Gianluca; Cervini, Mariasole; Marti, A.
1-gen-2014 Pasta supplemented with isolated lupin protein fractions reduces body weight gain and food intake of rats and decreases plasma glucose concentration upon glucose overload trial Capraro, Jessica; Magni, C; Scarafoni, A; Caramanico, R; Rossi, Filippo; Morlacchini, Mauro; Duranti, Marcello
1-gen-2014 Pedologic characteristics and fungi community in unmanaged cork oak forest soil of two Mediterranean regions: Sardinia and Tunisia Fumi, Maria Daria; Mazzoleni, Valeria; Novelli, Elisa; Galli, Roberta; Busconi, Matteo; Blaghen, Mohamed; Hassen, Abdennaceur; Hursthouse, Andrew; Mclellan, Iain; Pintus, Agostino; Silva Pereiira, Cristina; Varela, Adelia; Ruiu, Pino Angelo
1-gen-2019 PEF treatment of must and wine for on-line clarifying and fining Colangelo, Donato; Romanini, Elia; Lambri, Milena
1-gen-2007 Penicillium populations in dry-cured ham manufacturing plants Battilani, Paola; Pietri, Amedeo; Giorni, Paola; Formenti, Silvia; Bertuzzi, Terenzio; Toscani, T.; Virgili, R.; Kozackievic, Z.
1-gen-2020 Peptide fingerprinting of Hermetia illucens and Alphitobius diaperinus: Identification of insect species-specific marker peptides for authentication in food and feed Leni, Giulia; Prandi, B.; Varani, M.; Faccini, A.; Caligiani, A.; Sforza, Stefano
1-gen-2023 Phenolic acids, lignans, and low-molecular-weight phenolics exhibit the highest in vitro cellular bioavailability in different digested and faecal-fermented phenolics-rich plant extracts García-Pérez, Pascual; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Giuberti, Gianluca; Lucchini, Franco; Lucini, Luigi
1-gen-1998 Phenolic compounds in cork used for production of wine stoppers as affected by storage and boiling of cork slabs Mazzoleni, Valeria; Silva, Angela; Caldentey, Paloma
1-gen-2017 Phenolic profile and fermentation patterns of different commercial gluten-free pasta during in vitro large intestine fermentation Rocchetti, Gabriele; Lucini, Luigi; Chiodelli, Giulia; Giuberti, Gianluca; Gallo, Antonio; Masoero, Francesco; Trevisan, Marco
1-gen-2016 Phenolic Substances, Flavor Compounds, and Textural Properties of Three Native Romanian Wine Grape Varieties Urcan, D. E.; Lung, M. L.; Giacosa, S.; Torchio, Fabrizio; Ferrandino, A.; Vincenzi, S.; Rio Segade, S.; Pop, N.; Rolle, L.
1-gen-2014 Phenolics recovery from different agro-food by-products Moncalvo, Alessandro; Vellingiri, Vadivel; Amendola, Danila; Spigno, Giorgia
1-gen-2011 Phomopsins: an overview of phytopathological and chemical aspects, toxicity, analysis and occurrence Battilani, Paola; Gualla, Alessia; Dall'Asta, Chiara; Pellacani, Claudia; Galaverna, Gianni; Giorni, Paola; Caglieri, Andrea; Tagliaferri, Sara; Pietri, Amedeo; Dossena, Arnaldo; Spadaro, Davide; Marchelli, Rosangela; Gullino, Maria Lodovica; Costa, Lucio Guido
1-gen-2008 Phyllosphere grapevine yeast Aureobasidium pullulans reduces Aspergillus carbonarius (sour rot) incidence in wine-producing vineyards in Greece Dimakopoulou, Myrto; Tjamos, Sotiris E.; Antoniou, Polymnia P.; Pietri, Amedeo; Battilani, Paola; Avramidis, Nikolaos; Markakis, Emmanouil A.; Tjamos, Eleftherios C.
1-gen-2021 Physico-chemical and sensory characterization of a fruit beer obtained with the addition of cv. Lambrusco grapes must Castro Marin, A.; Baris, F.; Romanini, Elia; Lambri, Milena; Montevecchi, G.; Chinnici, F.
1-gen-2013 Physico-mechanical evaluation of the aptitude of berries of red winegrape varieties to resist the compression in carbonic maceration vinification. Giacosa, S.; Torchio, Fabrizio; Rio Segade, S.; Gaiotti, F.; Tomasi, D.; Lovat, L.; Vincenzi, S.; Rolle, L.
1-gen-2010 Picrocrocin content and quality categories in different (345) worldwide samples of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Del Campo, C. Priscila; Carmona, Manuel; Maggi, Luana; Kanakis, Charalabos D.; Anastasaki, Eirini G.; Tarantilis, Petros A.; Polissiou, Moschos G.; Alonso, Gonzalo L.
1-gen-2020 Pigmented sorghum polyphenols as potential inhibitors of starch digestibility: An in vitro study combining starch digestion and untargeted metabolomics Rocchetti, Gabriele; Giuberti, Gianluca; Busconi, Matteo; Marocco, Adriano; Trevisan, Marco; Lucini, Luigi
1-gen-2017 Pineapple wines obtained from saccharification of pineapple waste and alcoholic fermentation with three strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae. Roda, Arianna; De Faveri, Dante Marco; Dordoni, Roberta; Valero-Cases, E.; Nuncio Jáuregui, N.; Carbonell Barrachina, A. A.; Frutos-Fernandez, M. J.; Lambri, Milena
1-gen-2014 Pistacia lentiscus leaves as a source of phenolic compounds: Microwave-assisted extraction optimized and compared with ultrasound-assisted and conventional solvent extraction Dahmoune, F.; Spigno, Giorgia; Moussi, K.; Remini, H.; Cherbal, A.; Madani, K.
Mostrati risultati da 489 a 508 di 726
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