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1-gen-2015 Insights from an international stakeholder consultation to identify informational needs related to seafood safety Tediosi, A.; Fait, Gabriella; Jacobs, S.; Verbeke, W.; Álvarez Muñoz, D; Diogene, J.; Reuver, M.; Marques, A. G; Capri, Ettore
1-gen-2021 Integrated Genomic and Greenhouse Assessment of a Novel Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium for Tomato Plant Guerrieri, Maria Chiara; Fiorini, Andrea; Fanfoni, Elisabetta; Tabaglio, Vincenzo; Cocconcelli, Pier Sandro; Trevisan, Marco; Puglisi, Edoardo
1-gen-2022 Integrated Metabolomics and Morpho-Biochemical Analyses Reveal a Better Performance of Azospirillum brasilense over Plant-Derived Biostimulants in Counteracting Salt Stress in Tomato Alzate Zuluaga, M. Y.; Miras Moreno, Maria Begona; Monterisi, S.; Rouphael, Y.; Colla, G.; Lucini, Luigi; Cesco, S.; Pii, Y.
1-gen-2023 The integrated metabolomics and sensory analyses unravel the peculiarities of mountain grassland-based cheese production: The case of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO Paolo Becchi, P.; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Vezzulli, Fosca; Lambri, Milena; Lucini, Luigi
1-gen-2023 Integrating environmental and social dimensions with science-based knowledge for a Sustainable Pesticides Management – A project of Lombardy Region in Italy. Calliera, Maura; Di Guardo, Andrea; L'Astorina, Alba; Polli, Maurizio; Finizio, Antonio; Capri, Ettore
1-gen-2023 Integrating Environmental and Social Dimensions with Science-Based Knowledge for a Sustainable Pesticides Management-A Project of Lombardy Region in Italy Calliera, Maura; Di Guardo, A; L'Astorina, A; Polli, Filippo Maria; Finizio, A; Capri, Ettore
1-gen-2023 Integrating insects into the agri-food system of northern Italy as a circular economy strategy Frasnetti, E.; Sadeqi, H.; Lamastra, Lucrezia
1-gen-2022 Integration of Phenomics and Metabolomics Datasets Reveals Different Mode of Action of Biostimulants Based on Protein Hydrolysates in Lactuca sativa L. and Solanum lycopersicum L. Under Salinity Sorrentino, M.; Panzarova, K.; Spyroglou, I.; Spichal, L.; Buffagni, Valentina; Ganugi, Paola; Rouphael, Y.; Colla, G.; Lucini, Luigi; De Diego, N.
1-gen-2020 Interaction of dietary polyphenols and gut microbiota: Microbial metabolism of polyphenols, influence on the gut microbiota, and implications on host health Catalkaya, Gizem; Venema, Koen; Lucini, Luigi; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Delmas, Dominique; Daglia, Maria; De Filippis, Anna; Xiao, Hang; Quiles, José L.; Xiao, Jianbo; Capanoglu, Esra
1-gen-2009 Interactions among vegetation and ozone, water and nitrogen fluxes in a coastal Mediterranean maquis ecosystem Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Finco, Angelo; Mereu, Simone; Marzuoli, Riccardo; Ballarin Denti, Antonio Angelo
1-gen-2020 Interactions between phenolic compounds, amylolytic enzymes and starch: an updated overview Giuberti, Gianluca; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Lucini, Luigi
1-gen-2012 Interpreting PCB levels in breast milk using a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to reconstruct the dynamic exposure of Italian women Capri, Ettore; Ulaszewska, Maria Malgorzata; Ciffroy, Philippe; Tahraoui, Fazia; Zeman, Florence Anna; Brochot, Céline
1-gen-2021 Intraspecific variability largely affects the leaf metabolomics response to isosmotic macrocation variations in two divergent lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) varieties Corrado, G.; Lucini, L.; Miras-Moreno, B.; Zhang, L.; El-Nakhel, C.; Colla, G.; Rouphael, Y.
1-gen-2019 Investigating combined toxicity of binary mixtures in bees: Meta-analysis of laboratory tests, modelling, mechanistic basis and implications for risk assessment Carnesecchi, E.; Svendsen, C.; Lasagni, S.; Grech, A.; Quignot, N.; Amzal, B.; Toma, C.; Tosi, S.; Rortais, A.; Cortinas-Abrahantes, J.; Capri, E.; Kramer, N.; Benfenati, E.; Spurgeon, D.; Guillot, G.; Dorne, J. L. C. M.
1-gen-2012 Investigating the relationship between Arsenic pollution and social crises in etruscan civilization: was Arsenic poisoning a concomitant cause? Cattani, Ilenia; Turfa, J. M.; Harrison, A. P.; Cagnin, Massimo; Beone, Gian Maria; Gonnelli, C.; Boccelli, Raffaella
1-gen-2020 Isolation and Screening of Extracellular PGPR from the Rhizosphere of Tomato Plants after Long-Term Reduced Tillage and Cover Crops Guerrieri, Maria Chiara; Fanfoni, Elisabetta; Fiorini, Andrea; Trevisan, Marco; Puglisi, Edoardo
1-gen-2007 Isoproturon biodegradative potential of composts with and without active carbon amendments Monaci, Elga; Coppola, Laura; Vischetti, Costantino; Castillo Maria Del, Pilar
1-gen-2021 Isosmotic Macrocation Variation Modulates Mineral Efficiency, Morpho-Physiological Traits, and Functional Properties in Hydroponically Grown Lettuce Varieties (Lactuca sativa L.) Corrado, G.; De Micco, V.; Lucini, Luigi; Miras Moreno, Maria Begona; Senizza, Biancamaria; Zengin, G.; El-Nakhel, C.; De Pascale, S.; Rouphael, Y.
1-gen-2012 It is possible that our electronic equipment generates a risk in the health and environment in other parts of the world? Guiyu (China) recycle site case study Suciu, Nicoleta; Rovira, J; Schuhmacher, M; Nadalm, ; Domingo, J; Capri, Ettore; Tien, H; Heise, S; Segui, X; Darbra, Rm
1-gen-2018 Italian Opuntia ficus-indica Cladodes as Rich Source of Bioactive Compounds with Health-Promoting Properties Rocchetti, Gabriele; Pellizzoni, Marco; Montesano, Domenico; Lucini, Luigi
Mostrati risultati da 349 a 368 di 720
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