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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2020 A general model for the effect of crop management on plant disease epidemics at different scales of complexity Gonzalez-Dominguez, E.; Fedele, G.; Salinari, F.; Rossi, V.
1-gen-2020 A Generic Model Accounting for the Interactions among Pathogens, Host Plants, Biocontrol Agents, and the Environment, with Parametrization for Botrytis cinerea on Grapevines Fedele, G.; Bove, F.; Gonzalez-Dominguez, E.; Rossi, V.
1-gen-2016 Germination of Fusarium graminearum ascospores and wheat infection are affected by dry periods and by temperature and humidity during dry periods Manstretta, Valentina; Morcia, Caterina; Terzi, Valeria; Rossi, Vittorio
1-gen-2007 Gestire la ticchiolatura con modelli previsionali Vittone, Graziano; Ballatore, Daniela; Cotroneo, Alba; Spanna, Federico; Varner, Mauro; Rossi, Vittorio
1-gen-2014 Global risk maps for mycotoxins in wheat and maize Battilani, Paola; Logrieco, Antonio Francesco
1-gen-2011 Growth and aflatoxin production of an Italian strain of Aspergillus flavus: influence of ecological factors and nutritional substrates Giorni, Paola; Magan, Naresh; Pietri, Amedeo; Battilani, Paola
1-gen-2003 Growth and ochratoxin A production of Aspergillus section Nigri isolates from Italian grapes Battilani, Paola; Pietri, Amedeo; Giorni, Paola; Bertuzzi, Terenzio; Barbano, Carlo
1-gen-2005 Growth and sporulation of Stemphylium vesicarium, tha causal agent of brown spot of pear, on herb plants of orchard lawns Rossi, Vittorio; Pattori, Elisabetta; Giosue', Simona; Bugiani, Riccardo
1-gen-2012 Guidance on methodology for evaluation of the effectiveness of options for reducing the risk of introduction and spread of organisms harmful to plant health in the EU territory Rossi, Vittorio; Efsa, Panel On Plant Health
1-gen-2018 Guidance on quantitative pest risk assessment Jeger, M.; Bragard, C.; Caffier, D.; Candresse, T.; Chatzivassiliou, E.; Dehnen-Schmutz, K.; Gregoire, J. -C.; Jaques Miret, J. A.; Macleod, A.; Navajas Navarro, M.; Niere, B.; Parnell, S.; Potting, R.; Rafoss, T.; Rossi, Vittorio; Urek, G.; Van Bruggen, A.; Van Der Werf, W.; West, J.; Winter, S.; Hart, A.; Schans, J.; Schrader, G.; Suffert, M.; Kertesz, V.; Kozelska, S.; Mannino, M. R.; Mosbach-Schulz, O.; Pautasso, M.; Stancanelli, G.; Tramontini, S.; Vos, S.; Gilioli, G.
1-gen-2011 Guidance on the environmental risk assessment of plant pests Rossi, Vittorio; Efsa, Panel On Plant Health
1-gen-2016 Guidance to develop specific protection goals options for environmental risk assessment at EFSA, in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services Bragard, Claude; Caffier, David; Candresse, Thierry; Chatzivassiliou, Elisavet; Dehnen Schmutz, Katharina; Gilioli, Gianni; Grégoire, Jean Claude; Miret, Josep Anton Jaques; Jeger, Michael; Macleod, Alan; Navajas Navarro, Maria; Niere, Bjoern; Parnell, Stephen; Potting, Roel; Rafoss, Trond; Rossi, Vittorio; Urek, Gregor; Van Bruggen, Ariena; Van Der Werf, Wopke; West, Jonathan; Winter, Stephan
1-gen-2012 Helping farmers face the increasing complexity of decision-making for crop protection Rossi, Vittorio; Caffi, Tito; Salinari, Francesca
1-gen-2018 Helping farmers in timing the application of biocontrol agents in viticulture. Gonzalez Dominguez, Elisa; Legler, Sara Elisabetta; Fedele, Giorgia; Si Ammour, Melissa; Caffi, Tito; Rossi, Vittorio
1-gen-2014 Hydro- and thermotimes for conidial germination kinetics of the ochratoxigenic species Aspergillus carbonarius in vitro, on grape skin and grape flesh Camardo Leggieri, Marco; Mitchell, David; Aldred, David; Battilani, Paola; Naresh, Magan
1-gen-2013 IDeMCroP: development of an integrated fine scale system for informed decision making in sustainable crop protection Rossi, Vittorio; Salinari, Francesca; Mendelsohn, O.
1-gen-2019 Il biocontrollo di Botrytis cinerea Fedele, Giorgia; Gonzalez-Dominguez, E.; Rossi, Vittorio
1-gen-2019 Impact of Fungi Co-occurrence on Mycotoxin Contamination in Maize During the Growing Season Giorni, Paola; Bertuzzi, Terenzio; Battilani, Paola
1-gen-2020 The impact of seasonal weather variation on mycotoxins: maize crop in 2014 in northern Italy as a case study Camardo Leggieri, Marco; Lanubile, Alessandra; Dall’Asta, C.; Pietri, Amedeo; Battilani, Paola
1-gen-2020 An in silico structural approach to characterize human and rainbow trout estrogenicity of mycotoxins: Proof of concept study using zearalenone and alternariol Dellafiora, L.; Oswald, I. P.; Dorne, J. -L.; Galaverna, G.; Battilani, P.; Dall'Asta, C.
Mostrati risultati da 262 a 281 di 729
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