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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2018 When "we" are stressed: A dyadic approach to coping with stressful events Bertoni, Anna Marta Maria; Donato, Silvia; Molgora, Sara
1-gen-2019 When Democratic Principles are not Enough: Tensions and Temporalities of Dialogic Stakeholder Engagement Passetti, Emilio; Bianchi, L.; Battaglia, M.; Frey, M.
1-gen-2017 When Nutrition Policy Meets Behavioural Sciences. Regulating-by-Nudging in the Innovation Union Leone, Luca
1-gen-2018 ‘When the Time Comes’: Exploring Temporal Differences in the Adoption of Medical Innovation. Mascia, Daniele; Iacopino, Valentina; Cicchetti, Americo
1-gen-2018 Where Does Learning come from? An Empirical Study of Performance in Robot-Assisted Surgery Teams Iacopino, Valentina; Lomi, Alessandro; Mascia, Daniele; Tonellato, Marco
1-gen-2019 White matter alterations in early Parkinson’s disease: role of motor symptom lateralization Pelizzari, L.; Di Tella, Sonia; Laganà, M. M.; Bergsland, N.; Rossetto, Federica; Nemni, R.; Baglio, F.
1-gen-2019 Why do first and second-generation young migrants volunteer? The migrant volunteerism motivation model (MVMM) Alfieri, Sara; Marzana, Daniela; Martinez Damia, Sara Maria
1-gen-2020 “Why Does a Teacher Feel the Need to Post My Kid?”: Parents and Teachers Constructing Morally Acceptable Boundaries of Children’s Social Media Presence Cino, Davide; Chiara Dalledonne, Vandini
1-gen-2020 “Why post more pictures if no one is looking at them?” Parents’ perception of the Facebook Like in sharenting Cino, Davide; Demozzi, S.; Subrahmanyam, K.
1-gen-2018 The "why" of international entrepreneurship: uncovering entrepreneurs’ personal values Bolzani, Daniela; der foo, Maw
1-gen-2017 The "why"€ of international entrepreneurship: uncovering entrepreneurs personal values Bolzani, Daniela; Foo, Maw Der
1-gen-2018 The “why” of international entrepreneurship: uncovering entrepreneurs’ personal values Bolzani, Daniela; Der Foo, Maw
1-gen-2013 Women and Men Leading Artisan Firms: What is the Impact on Organizations? Manzo, Cecilia; Pais, Ivana; Bolis, Michela
1-gen-2017 WOMEN’S SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE OF CHILDBIRTH: WHICH PREDICTORS? Saita, Emanuela; Molgora, Sara; Fenaroli, Valentina; Ragusa, A; Svelato, A; Molidoro, G; Gesi, L; Dodaro, S.
1-gen-2017 Word selection processing in Parkinson's disease: When nouns are more difficult than verbs Silveri, Maria Caterina; Traficante, Daniela; Lo Monaco, Maria Rita; Iori, L; Sarchioni, F; Burani, C.
1-gen-2022 Work, Digital Devices and Later Life: A Quanti-qualitative Research Carlo, Simone; Buscicchio, Giulia
1-gen-2020 Working With Infertile Couples Seeking Assisted Reproduction: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study With Infertility Care Providers Facchin, Federica; Leone, Daniela; Tamanza, Giancarlo; Costa, Mauro; Sulpizio, Patrizia; Canzi, Elena Camilla Rosa; Vegni, Elena
1-gen-2017 The world as seen by a Prime Minister Buscemi, Francesco Massimo Maria
1-gen-2016 The Writer Who Foresaw Slow Food Buscemi, Francesco Massimo Maria
1-gen-2007 XML e lo studio dei manoscritti. Linee di orientamento e un esempio di applicazione Milanese, Guido Fabrizio
Mostrati risultati da 2.392 a 2.411 di 2.426
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