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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2018 Langerian mindfulness, quality of life and psychological symptoms in a sample of Italian students Pagnini, Francesco; Bercovitz, Katherine E.; Phillips, Deborah
1-gen-2020 PATIENT VOICES, a project for the integration of the systematic assessment of patient reported outcomes and experiences within a comprehensive cancer center: a protocol for a mixed method feasibility study Brunelli, Cinzia; Borreani, Claudia; Caraceni, Augusto; Roli, Anna; Bellazzi, Marco; Lombi, Linda; Zito, Emanuela; Pellegrini, Chiara; Spada, Pierangelo; Kaasa, Stein; Maria Foschi, Anna; Apolone, Giovanni
1-gen-2022 Pediatric quality of life multidimensional fatigue scale (PedsQL-MFS) detects the effects of a 3-week Inpatient body weight reduction program for children and adolescents with obesity Smout, M. F.; Manzoni, G. M.; Tamini, S.; Marazzi, N.; De Col, A.; Pietrabissa, Giada; Castelnuovo, Gianluca; Molinari, Enrico; Sartorio, A.
1-gen-2010 Physicians' knowledge of health-related quality of life and perception of its importance in daily clinical practice Bossola, Maurizio; Murri, Rita; Onder, Graziano; Turriziani, Adriana; Fantoni, Matteo; Padua, Luca
1-gen-2014 The ACTonHEART study: rationale and design of a randomized controlled clinical trial comparing a brief intervention based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to usual secondary prevention care of coronary heart disease. Spatola, Chiara; Manzoni, Gian Mauro; Castelnuovo, Gianluca; Malfatto, G; Goodwin, Cl; Molinari, Enrico
1-gen-2011 The WRITTEN-HEART study (expressive writing for heart healing): rationale and design of a randomized controlled clinical trial of expressive writing in coronary patients referred to residential cardiac rehabilitation Manzoni, Gian Mauro; Castelnuovo, Gianluca; Molinari, Enrico
Mostrati risultati da 7 a 12 di 12
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