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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-1995 A C*algebraic approach to determinants and pfaffians Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2008 A characterization of HN Franchi, Clara; Mainardis, Mario; Solomon, Ron
1-gen-1998 A Class of Two Dimensional Yang-Mills Vacua and their Relation to the Non Linear Sigma Model Nardelli, Giuseppe; Bassetto, Antonio
1-gen-1989 A geometric approach to quantum vortices Penna, Vittorio; Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2015 A Geometric Environment for Building up Loops Pianta, Silvia; Pasotti, Stefano; Zizioli, Elena
1-gen-2013 A New webGIS Platform Dedicated to Forest Extreme Events in the Alps: Aims and Functionalities Oliveri, Stefano; Pregnolato, Marco; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro
1-gen-1991 A Non Commutative Geometric Reinterpretation of the Canonical Commutation Relations Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2001 A note on groups paralyzing a subgroup series Dardano, Ulderico; Franchi, Clara
1-gen-2001 A note on the Kastler-Kalau-Walze theorem and the spectral action principle Coiai, Fabrizio; Spera, Mauro
1-gen-1994 A Note on Yang-Mills Minima on Rieffel Modules over Higher Dimensional Non Commutative tori Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2007 A software code to manipulate apparent contours Paolini, Maurizio
1-gen-2006 A Solution to the 4-tachyon off-shell amplitude in cubic string field theory Nardelli, Giuseppe; Forini, Valentina; Grignani, Gianluca
1-gen-2010 A Stampacchia-type inequality for a fourth-order elliptic operator on Kähler manifolds and applications Lussardi, Luca
1-gen-2006 A survey on the differential and symplectic geometry of linking numbers Spera, Mauro
1-gen-1992 A symplectic approach to Yang-Mills theory for non commutative tori Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2012 Absolute planes with elliptic congruence Marchi, Mario; Bonenti, Francesca; Karzel, Helmut
1-gen-2016 The Accent-Vocbas Field Campaign on Biosphere-Atmosphere interaction in a Mediterranean ecosystem of Castelporziano (Rome): site characteristics, climatic and meteorological conditions, and eco-physiology of vegetation Fares, S.; Mereu, S.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.; Vitale, M.; Manes, F.; Frattoni, M; Ciccioli, P; Gerosa, G; Loreto, F
1-gen-2015 Access to Energy and Sustainable Development Bonan, Jacopo; Pareglio, Stefano
1-gen-2014 Access to Modern Energy: A Review of Impact Evaluations Bonan, Jacopo Daniele; Pareglio, Stefano; Tavoni, M.
1-gen-2017 Adaptive Real-Time Scheduling of Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Martini, Daniele De; Benetti, Guido; Della Vedova, Marco L.; Facchinetti, Tullio
Mostrati risultati da 3 a 22 di 611
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