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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2017 The Italian approach to Industry 4.0: policy approach and managerial implications in a SMEs environment Fiasche', Maurizio; Brayda, L.; Timpano, Francesco
1-gen-1998 Italian Competitiveness in the Trade of Fruit and Vegetables: A semiflexible Mixed Import Demand System Sckokai, Paolo; Moro, Daniele
1-gen-2021 Italian Municipalities and the Management of Covid-19 Emergency: a Kaleidoscope Effect Galli, D.
1-gen-2016 Italian Open and Big Data Strategy Faini, Fernanda
1-gen-2015 Italian Open Government Strategy in National and Regional Regulation Faini, Fernanda
1-gen-2021 Italian Supreme Court Clarifies Taxation of Capital Gains Effectively Connected to an Italian Permanent Establishment Arising from the Alienation of Immovable Properties in the State of Residence Arginelli, Paolo; Tenore, Mario
1-gen-2020 Italian Supreme Court deals with the notion of preparatory and auxiliary activities for the purpose of establishing the existence of a permanent establishment in Italy and determining its taxable profits Arginelli, Paolo
1-gen-2018 Italian Supreme Court rules that income received by fashion models falls outside the scope of article 17 OECD MC Arginelli, Paolo
1-gen-2011 Italien Mondini, Paolo Flavio
1-gen-2019 Italien Mondini, Paolo Flavio; Jung, Stefanie
1-gen-2024 Italy Berti, Nicola; Vaccari, Stefano; Silvestri, Mauro
1-gen-2012 Italy Ongaro, E; Barbieri, D; Fedele, P; Galli, Davide
1-gen-2022 Italy - Global Tax Treaty Commentaries – Country Policy & Practice - Country Tax Guides Arginelli, Paolo; Tenore, Mario
1-gen-2021 Italy - Special Tax Regime Applicable to Contributions of Controlling and “Qualifying” Participations in Italy: Recent Developments. Allena, Marco
1-gen-1993 Italy Approves Legislative Decree Implementing EC Mergers Directive Maisto, Guglielmo
1-gen-2020 Italy Towards Mandatory Sustainability Reporting. Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure of Italian companies and Legislative Decree 254/2016 statements. A Quantitative Analysis of the Last 10 Years Balluchi, Federica; Furlotti, Katia; Torelli, Riccardo
1-gen-2018 Italy: A Tale of Path-Dependent Public Sector Shrinkage Di Mascio, Fabrizio; Galli, Davide; Natalini, Alessandro; Ongaro, Edoardo
1-gen-2021 Italy: Applicability of Article 10 of the Italy-Japan Income Tax Treaty to Italian-Source Dividends Paid to a Japanese Pension Fund through Certain US Limited Partnerships Arginelli, Paolo; Maisto, Guglielmo
1-gen-2015 Italy: C-194/15; Baudinet and Others Maisto, Guglielmo
1-gen-2020 Italy: Cadeddu (C-667/17); HB v INPS and IC v INPS (C-168/19 and C-169/19); Société Génerale (C-565/18) Arginelli, Paolo
Mostrati risultati da 1.724 a 1.743 di 3.600
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