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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-1981 Wage differentials among workers in input-output models Filippini, Luigi
1-gen-2004 Wage Expectations of European College Students Brunello, G.; Lucifora, Claudio; Winter Ebmer, R.
1-gen-2009 Wage flexibility in regional labour markets: Evidence from Italy and Germany Lucifora, Claudio; Origo, Federica Maria; Zwick, T.
1-gen-1997 Wage formation under union threat effects: Theory and empirical evidence Lucifora, Claudio; Corneo, Giacomo
1-gen-2005 Wages, Skills and Integration in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic: A Industry-Level Analysis Crino', Rosario
1-gen-2023 Walking the tightrope: Circular economy breadth and firm economic performance D'Angelo, Viviana; Francesco, Cappa; Enzo, Peruffo
1-gen-2013 WebQuest Triacca, Serena
1-gen-2022 WeChat as a digital bridge for the Chinese residents in Italy? A study of the use of social media during the first wave of COVID-19 Negro, G.; Hu, L.
1-gen-2022 Welfare aziendale post-pandemico. Indagine sulle clausole contrattuali che regolano la conciliazione vita/lavoro Faioli, Michele
1-gen-2019 The Welfare Costs of Bank Regulation by Deposit Rate Ceilings Nielsen, Carsten Krabbe; Weinrich, Gerd Hellmut
1-gen-2008 Il welfare delle responsabilità Fumi, Gianpiero
1-gen-2018 Welfare effects of information and rationality in portfolio decisions under parameter uncertainty Longo, Michele; Mainini, Alessandra
1-gen-2013 Welfare State, family and the market's SINS in the EU Campiglio, Luigi
1-gen-2022 What are the determinants of internal auditing (IA) introduction and development? Evidence from the Italian public healthcare sector Langella, Cecilia; Vannini, Ilaria Elisa; Persiani, Niccolò
1-gen-2010 What do Client-firms Think of their Auditors? Evidence from the Italian Market Cameran, Mara; C., Gabbioneta; M., Moizer; Pettinicchio, ANGELA KATE
1-gen-2010 What do we know about the link between growth and institutions? Spreafico, Marta
1-gen-2013 What do we know about the link between growth and institutions? Spreafico, Marta
1-gen-2019 What does a young cheater look like? An innovative approach Battiston, P.; Gamba, S.; Rotondi, V.
1-gen-2018 What exactly is public in a public good game? A lab-in-the field experiment Battiston, P.; Gamba, S.; Rizzolli, M.; Rotondi, V
1-gen-2018 What Explains the Redistribution Achieved by the Italian Personal Income Tax? Evidence from Administrative Data Barbetta, Gianpaolo; Pellegrino, Simone; Turati, Gilberto
Mostrati risultati da 6.888 a 6.907 di 6.976
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