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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2015 IPRs and international knowledge flows: Evidence from six large emerging countries Montobbio, Fabio; Primi, Annalisa; Sterzi, Valerio
1-gen-2011 Irreversible investment and R&D spillovers in a dynamic duopoly Femminis, Gianluca; Martini, Gianmaria
1-gen-2011 Irreversible R&D investment with inter-firm spillovers Femminis, Gianluca; Martini, Gianmaria
1-gen-2023 Is a critical mass of women always enough to improve firm performance? The importance of the institutional context Zaccone, Maria Cristina; Argiolas, Alessia
1-gen-2004 Is a good Catholic necessarily a capitalist? Comments on a newe American edition of Fanfani's work... Parisi, Daniela
1-gen-2012 IS and Organization for Online Corporate Reputation Management Francesconi, Alberto; Dossena, Claudia
1-gen-2017 Is brand value co-creation actionable? A facilitation perspective Biraghi, Silvia; Gambetti, Rossella Chiara
1-gen-2015 Is caring for older parents detrimental to women’s mental health? The role of the European North-South gradient Brenna, Elenka; Di Novi, Cinzia
1-gen-2013 Is collaboration with universities really beneficial for firms? Zoia, Maria; Marseguerra, Giovanni; Rigon, Massimiliano; Cortelezzi, Flavia
1-gen-2010 Is Corporate R&D Investment in High-Tech Sectors More effective? Ortega Argilés, Raquel; Piva, Mariacristina; Potters, Lesley; Vivarelli, Marco
1-gen-2009 Is corporate R&D investment in high-tech sectors more effective? Some guidelines foe European Research Policy Ortega Argilés, Raquel; Piva, Mariacristina; Potters, Lesley; Vivarelli, Marco
1-gen-2021 Is covid-19 a real incentive for flu vaccination? Let the numbers speak for themselves Di Pumpo, Marcello; Vetrugno, Giuseppe; Pascucci, Domenico; Carini, Elettra; Beccia, Viria; Sguera, Anna; Zega, Maurizio; Pani, Marcello; Cambieri, Andrea; Nurchis, Mario Cesare; D'Ambrosio, Floriana; Damiani, Gianfranco; Laurenti, Patrizia
1-gen-2021 Is Digital Transition Fair for Female Employees of The Retail Sector? The Analysis of The Italian Case Study Bianconi, Beatrice; Marcolin, Arianna
1-gen-2013 Is entrepreneurship necessarily good? Microeconomic evidence from developed and developing countries Vivarelli, Marco
1-gen-2013 Is Entrepreneurship Necessarily Good? Microeconomic Evidence from Developed and Developing Countries Vivarelli, Marco
1-gen-2023 Is Indie ‘the new black’?: The rise of an interstitial field between indie music and Quality TV in the US Aliberti, Daniela; Paolino, Chiara
1-gen-2010 Is Inequality the Price to Pay for Higher Growth in Middle-Income Countries? Grimalda, Gianluca; Vivarelli, Marco
1-gen-2018 Is Innovation Destroying Jobs? Firm-Level Evidence from the EU Piva, Mariacristina; Vivarelli, Marco
1-gen-2015 Is it always worth waiting? The effect of autonomy-supportive teaching on shortterm and long-term learning outcomes Paolino, Chiara; Cappetta, Rossella
Mostrati risultati da 4.235 a 4.254 di 8.649
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