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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2011 A majorization method for localizing graph topological indices Bianchi, Monica; Cornaro, Alessandra; Torriero, Anna
1-gen-1960 A Mathematical Formulation of the Ricardian System Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2011 A method of moments to estimate bivariate survival functions: the copula approach Osmetti, Silvia Angela; Chiodini, Paola Maddalena
1-gen-2014 a micro spatial analysis of firm demography: the case of food stores in the area of Trento (Italy) Arbia, Giuseppe; Espa, Giuseppe; Giuliani, Diego; Cella, R.
1-gen-2012 A Microeconomic Model of the Demand for Civil Justice: Is One Institutional Context Better Than Another? Grembi, Veronica; Antonelli, Maria Alessandra
1-gen-2013 A MO' DI CONCLUSIONE Bodega, Domenico
1-gen-2009 A mother formula for econometric estimation, the issue of parent linear models of best-fit solutions and its dual problem Zoia, Maria
1-gen-1963 A Multisector Model of Economic Growth Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2002 A neat derivation of the representation theorem for I(2) processes Faliva, Mario; Zoia, Maria
1-gen-2007 A new Character on the Stage of Economic Thought: Mario De Bernardi Parisi, Daniela; Viganò, Massimo
1-gen-2015 A New Common Knowledge in Agronomics: the network of the European Agrarian Reviews and Congresses during the first half of the 19th century Tedeschi, Paolo; Locatelli, Andrea Maria
1-gen-2013 A new corruption index based on individual attitudes Bonanomi, Andrea; Osmetti, Silvia Angela
1-gen-2013 A New Economics for a New Society: Post-War Reconstruction and Development in the RISS (1945-1955). Introduction Parisi, Daniela; Nerozzi, Sebastiano
1-gen-2010 A new partitioned inversion rule with an application to time series econometrics Zoia, Maria; Faliva, Mario
1-gen-2003 A new proof of the representation theorem for I(2) processes Faliva, Mario; Zoia, Maria
1-gen-1965 A New Theoretical Approach to the Problems of Economic Growth Pasinetti, Luigi Lodovico
1-gen-2011 A note on free entry under uncertainty: The role of asymmetric information Piccolo, Salvatore
1-gen-1989 A Note on Operations Involving M-matrices and their Economic Applications Torriero, Anna
1-gen-1991 A note on technical changes and price structure in input-output models with fixed capital Torriero, Anna
1-gen-1993 A note on the diffusion of innovations Filippini, Luigi
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 7.033
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