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1-gen-2016 Glycemic index and glycemic load of commercial Italian foods Scazzina, F.; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Casiraghi, M. C.; Sieri, S.; Del Rio, D.; Pellegrini, N.; Brighenti, F.
1-gen-2023 Graduate Student Literature Review: The challenge of drying-off high-yielding dairy cows Cattaneo, Luca; Minuti, Andrea; Dahl, G E; Trevisi, Erminio
1-gen-2017 Grain challenge affects systemic and hepatic molecular biomarkers of inflammation, stress, and metabolic responses to a greater extent in Holstein than Jersey cows Xu, T.; Cardoso, F. C.; Pineda, A.; Trevisi, Erminio; Shen, X.; Rosa, F.; Osorio, J. S.; Loor, J. J.
1-gen-2003 Growth and ochratoxin A production of Aspergillus section Nigri isolates from Italian grapes Battilani, Paola; Pietri, Amedeo; Giorni, Paola; Bertuzzi, Terenzio; Barbano, Carlo
1-gen-2015 Growth performance, and carcass and raw ham quality of crossbred heavy pigs from four genetic groups fed low protein diets for dry-cured ham production Schiavon, S; Carraro, L; Dalla Bona, M; Cesaro, G; Carnier, P; Tagliapietra, F; Sturaro, E; Galassi, G; Malagutti, L; Trevisi, Erminio; Crovetto, G; Cecchinato, A; Gallo, L.
1-gen-2018 Guarana seed extracts as a useful strategy to extend the shelf life of pork patties: UHPLC-ESI/QTOF phenolic profile and impact on microbial inactivation, lipid and protein oxidation and antioxidant capacity Pateiro, M.; Vargas, F. C.; Chincha, A. A. I. A.; Sant'Ana, A. S.; Strozzi, I.; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Barba, F. J.; Domínguez, R.; Lucini, Luigi; do Amaral Sobral, P. J.; Lorenzo, J. M.
1-gen-2009 Health-promoting substances and heavy metal content in tomatoes grown with different farming techniques Rossi, Filippo; Godani, Francesco; Bertuzzi, Terenzio; Trevisan, Marco; Ferrari, Federico; Gatti, Sergio
1-gen-2019 Hepatic metabolomics and transcriptomics to study susceptibility to ketosis in response to prepartal nutritional management Shahzad, K.; Lopreiato, Vincenzo; Liang, Y.; Trevisi, Erminio; Osorio, J. S.; Xu, C.; Loor, J. J.
1-gen-2018 Hepatic phosphorylation status of serine/threonine kinase 1, mammalian target of rapamycin signaling proteins, and growth rate in Holstein heifer calves in response to maternal supply of methionine Xu, T.; Alharthi, A. S. M.; Batistel, F.; Helmbrecht, A.; Parys, C.; Trevisi, Erminio; Shen, X.; Loor, J. J.
1-gen-2014 Hepatic purinergic signaling gene network expression and its relationship with inflammation and oxidative stress biomarkers in blood from peripartal dairy cattle Seo, J; Osorio, J; Schmitt, E; Corrêa, M; Bertoni, G; Trevisi, Erminio; Loor, J.
1-gen-2016 Hidden Fumonisins: Simple and Innovative Extractions for Their Determination in Maize and Derived Products Bertuzzi, Terenzio; Mulazzi, Annalisa; Rastelli, Silvia; Pietri, Amedeo
1-gen-2022 The Hierarchical Contribution of Organic vs. Conventional Farming, Cultivar, and Terroir on Untargeted Metabolomics Phytochemical Profile and Functional Traits of Tomato Fruits Rocchetti, Gabriele; Senizza, Biancamaria; Zengin, G.; Bonini, P.; Bontempo, L.; Camin, F.; Trevisan, Marco; Lucini, Luigi
1-gen-2017 High performance computation of landscape genomic models including local indicators of spatial association Stucki, S.; Orozco-terWengel, P.; Forester, B. R.; Duruz, S.; Colli, Licia; Masembe, C.; Negrini, Riccardo; Landguth, E.; Jones, M. R.; Bruford, M. W.; Taberlet, P.; Joost, S.
1-gen-2011 High protein in maize in diets for broilers. Prandini, Aldo; Sigolo, Samantha; Morlacchini, Mauro; Marocco, Adriano; Lo Pinto, Mario
1-gen-2011 High protein maize in diets for growing pigs. Prandini, Aldo; Sigolo, Samantha; Morlacchini, Mauro; Marocco, Adriano; Lo Pinto, Mario
1-gen-2009 History or ecology? Substrate type as a major driver of patial genetic structure in Alpine plants Alvarez, N.; Thiel Egenter, C.; Tribsch, A.; Holderegger, R.; Manel, S.; Schonswetter, P.; Taberlet, P.; Brodbeck, S.; Gaudeul, M.; Gielly, L.; Kupfer, P.; Mansion, G.; Negrini, Riccardo; Paun, O.; Pellecchia, Marco; Rioux, D.; Schupfer, F.; Van Loo, M.; Winkler, M.; Gugerli, F.; Intrabiodiv, Consortium
1-gen-2017 How to feed the Mammalian gut microbiota: Bacterial and metabolic modulation by dietary fibers Ferrario, C.; Statello, R.; Carnevali, L.; Mancabelli, L.; Milani, C.; Mangifesta, M.; Duranti, S.; Lugli, G. A.; Jimenez, B.; Lodge, S.; Viappiani, A.; Alessandri, G.; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Rio, D. D.; Sgoifo, A.; van Sinderen, D.; Ventura, M.; Turroni, F.
1-gen-2015 Hydrolysed fumonisin B1 and N-(deoxy-D-fructos-1-yl)-fumonisin B1: Stability and catabolic fate under simulated human gastrointestinal conditions Cirlini, M.; Hahn, I.; Varga, E.; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Falavigna, C.; Calani, L.; Berthiller, F.; Del Rio, D.; Dall'Asta, C.
1-gen-2019 Hydroponically grown sanguisorba minor scop.: Effects of cut and storage on fresh-cut produce Ceccanti, C.; Landi, M.; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Moreno, M. B. M.; Lucini, Luigi; Incrocci, L.; Pardossi, A.; Guidi, L.
1-gen-2020 Identification of ancestry informative marker (AIM) panels to assess hybridisation between feral and domestic sheep Somenzi, Elisa; Ajmone Marsan, Paolo; Barbato, Mario
Mostrati risultati da 396 a 415 di 879
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