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1-gen-2018 Early feed restriction programs metabolic disorders in fattening merino lambs Frutos, Javier; Andrés, Sonia; Trevisi, Erminio; Yáñez-Ruiz, David R.; López, Secundino; Santos, Alba; Giráldez, Francisco Javier
1-gen-2009 Early identification systems for emerging foodbrone hazards Marvin, Haans; Kleter, Gian; Prandini, Aldo; Dekkers, Simon; Bolton, Jean
1-gen-2021 Early life fecal microbiota transplantation in neonatal dairy calves promotes growth performance and alleviates inflammation and oxidative stress during weaning Rosa, F.; Michelotti, T. C.; St-Pierre, B.; Trevisi, Erminio; Osorio, J. S.
1-gen-2015 Early post-partum hematological changes in Holstein dairy cows with retained placenta Moretti, P; Probo, M; Morandi, N; Trevisi, Erminio; Ferrari, Annarita; Minuti, Andrea; Venturini, M; Paltrinieri, S; Giordano, Alessandro
1-gen-2019 Edible nuts deliver polyphenols and their transformation products to the large intestine: An in vitro fermentation model combining targeted/untargeted metabolomics Rocchetti, Gabriele; Bhumireddy, Sudarshana Reddy; Giuberti, Gianluca; Mandal, Rupasri; Lucini, Luigi; Wishart, David S.
1-gen-2020 Editorial overview: Food bioprocessing Rocchetti, Gabriele
1-gen-2021 Editorial: Haplotype Analysis Applied to Livestock Genomics Meszaros, G.; Milanesi, M.; Ajmone Marsan, Paolo; Utsunomiya, Y. T.
1-gen-2020 Effect of a Commercial Bentonite Clay (Smectite Clay) on Dairy Cows Fed Aflatoxin-Contaminated Feed Gallo, Antonio; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Piccioli Cappelli, Fiorenzo; Pavone, S.; Mulazzi, A.; van Kuijk, S.; Han, Y.; Trevisi, Erminio
1-gen-2017 Effect of a low crude protein diet supplemented with different levels of threonine on growth performance, carcass traits, blood parameters, and immune responses of growing broilers Sigolo, Samantha; Zohrabi, Z.; Gallo, Antonio; Seidavi, A.; Prandini, Aldo
1-gen-2017 Effect of a low crude protein diet supplemented with different levels of threonine on growth performances, carcass traits, blood parameters and immune responses on growing broilers Sigolo, Samantha; Zahra, Zohrab; Gallo, Antonio; Alireza, Seidavi; Prandini, Aldo
1-gen-2022 Effect of a peat-based feed additive and sow parity on the performance of suckling piglets: a case study Ferronato, Giulia; Sigolo, Samantha; Premi, Michele; Prandini, Aldo
1-gen-2015 Effect of a replacement of corn with hulled and hulless or low-amylose hulless barley varieties on growth performance and carcass quality of Italian growing-finishing pig Prandini, Aldo; Sigolo, S.; Giuberti, Gianluca; Moschini, Maurizio; Marchetto, G.; Della Casa, G.
1-gen-2013 Effect of a snack with high fibre content on defecation frequence in a stipsi-affected cohort of volunteers. Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. Rossi, Filippo; Veneziani, Giancarlo; Mentella, Maria Chiara; Maj, Monica; Miggiano, Giacinto Abele Donato
1-gen-2013 Effect of a snack with high fibre content on defecation frequency in a stipsi-affected cohort of volunteers Rossi, Filippo; Veneziani, G.; Chiara Mentella, M.; Maj, Monica; Miggiano, Giacinto Abele Donato
1-gen-2022 The effect of chickpea flour and its addition levels on quality and in vitro starch digestibility of corn–rice-based gluten-free pasta Suo, X.; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Giuberti, Gianluca; Minucciani, M.; Wang, Z.; Vittadini, E.
1-gen-2020 Effect of coffee and cocoa-based confectionery containing coffee on markers of cardiometabolic health: results from the pocket-4-life project Martini, D.; Rosi, A.; Tassotti, M.; Antonini, M.; Dall'Asta, Margherita; Bresciani, L.; Fantuzzi, F.; Spigoni, V.; Dominguez-Perles, R.; Angelino, D.; Ricci, C.; Del Pozo-Luengo, S.; Tornel, P. L.; Scazzina, F.; Gil-Izquierdo, A.; Dei Cas, A.; Brighenti, F.; Bonadonna, R.; Del Rio, D.; Mena, P.
1-gen-2009 Effect of conjugated linoleic acid supplementation on energy balance and efficiency during transition period of dairy cows Trevisi, Erminio; Grossi, Paolo; Gubbiotti, Alessandra; Bertoni, Giuseppe
1-gen-2018 Effect of consuming endophyte-infected fescue seed on transcript abundance in the mammary gland of lactating and dry cows, as assessed by RNA sequencing Capuco, Anthony V.; Bickhart, Derek; Li, Congjun; Evock-Clover, Christina M.; Choudhary, Ratan K.; Grossi, Paolo; Bertoni, Giuseppe; Trevisi, Erminio; Aiken, Glen E.; Mcleod, Kyle R.; Baldwin, Ransom L.
1-gen-2012 Effect of corn silage substitution with barley silage on milk production and composition Migliorati, L.; Boselli, L.; Pirlo, Giacomo; Moschini, Maurizio; Masoero, Francesco
1-gen-2020 Effect of cut on secondary metabolite profile in hydroponically-grown Rumex acetosa L. seedlings: a metabolomic approach Ceccanti, C.; Landi, M.; Rocchetti, Gabriele; Miras Moreno, Maria Begona; Lucini, Luigi; Incrocci, L.; Pardossi, A.; Guidi, L.
Mostrati risultati da 191 a 210 di 866
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