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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2019 “You Better Move On”: Determinants and Labor Market Outcomes of Graduate Migration from Italy Assirelli, Giulia; Barone, C.; Recchi, E.
1-gen-2020 “You Don’t Need Instagram, It’s for Young People”: Intergenerational Relationships and ICTs Learning Among Older Adults Carlo, Simone; Bonifacio, Francesco
1-gen-2016 Young elderly between activity and fragility: Challenges and resources linked to longer life expectancies Bramanti, Donatella; Meda, Stefania Giada
1-gen-2020 Young Generations' Activism in Italy: Comparing Political Engagement and Participation of Native Youths and Youths from a Migrant Background Riniolo, Veronica; Elisa Ortensi, Livia
1-gen-2019 Young people and inequalities. A sociological analysis Bichi, Rita; Vidal Gonzales, Pablo
1-gen-2012 Young People and Trade Unions: New Challenges for a Generational Change Castiglioni, Giovanni
1-gen-2017 Young People’s Voice: The First Visiting Advocacy Project in Italian Residential Care for Children Calcaterra, Valentina; Raineri, Maria Luisa
1-gen-2018 Youth, Ethnicity And School Policies: A Cross National Approach In France And In Italy Colombo, Maddalena; Bergamaschi, Alessandro; Blaya, Catherine; fouquet-chauprade, Barbara
1-gen-1999 Youth, solidarity and civic commitment in Italy: An analysis of the personal and social characteristics of volunteers and their organizations Marta, Elena; Rossi, Giovanna; Boccacin, Lucia
1-gen-2019 Zeta e "Culture di gusto" Introini, Fabio; Rosina, Alessandro
1-gen-2022 Zygmunt Bauman e la liquidità Introini, Fabio
Mostrati risultati da 4.082 a 4.092 di 4.092
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