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1-gen-2016 Walking variability, oxygen uptake and physical activity in older women Ciprandi, Daniela; Zago, Matteo; Piacenza, Marco; Galvani, Christel; Sforza, Chiarella
1-gen-2003 Watching TV movies: attention level in 3 and 5 year old children Miragoli, Sarah; Piccolo, Marina
1-gen-2006 Watzlawick, Paul Margola, Davide
1-gen-2018 Wearable devices per il potenziamento neurocognitivo Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2017 Web-Based Interventions for Weight Loss or Weight Loss Maintenance in Overweight and Obese People: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews Sorgente, Angela; Pietrabissa, Giada; Manzoni, Gian Mauro; Re, Federica; Simpson, Susan; Perona, Sara; Rossi, Alessandro; Cattivelli, Roberto; Innamorati, Marco; B Jackson, Jeffrey; Castelnuovo, Gianluca
1-gen-2019 What are the family characteristics that better help to cope with the economic crisis? Evidence from a large population survey in Italy Mazzucchelli, Sara; Parise, Miriam
1-gen-2009 What can cognitive psychology suggest to multimedia education? Cantoia, Manuela Eliane Anna; Antonietti, Alessandro
1-gen-2010 What do sustain our will to volunteer? A cross-cultural Italian and Spanish comparison Vecina, Marisa; Marta, Elena; Pozzi, Maura; Marzana, Daniela
1-gen-2014 “What does it mean? What can I do?” Social networks and identity experimentation in adolescence Milani, Luca; Bramilla, Francesca; Confalonieri, Emanuela
1-gen-2011 What does neurobiological evidence tell us about psychological mechanisms underlying moral judgment? Antonietti, Alessandro
1-gen-2017 What factors affect mental health in women with endometriosis? Towards the development of a comprehensive explanatory model Facchin, Federica; Barbara, Giussy; Saita, Emanuela; Somigliana, Edgardo; Dridi, Dhouha; Alberico, Daniela; Buggio, Laura; Vercellini, Paolo
1-gen-2010 What has been and what should have been. The representation of the government's performance in a television interview with Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Catellani, Patrizia; Colombo, Fausto; Milesi, Patrizia; Villa, Marina; Scaglioni, Massimo
1-gen-2015 What hemodynamic (fNIRS), electrophysiological (EEG) and autonomic integrated measures can tell us about emotional processing Balconi, Michela; Grippa, Elisabetta; Vanutelli, Maria Elide
1-gen-2015 What Is Hope For Breast Cancer Patients? A Qualitative Study Saita, Emanuela; De Luca, Letizia; Acquati, Chiara
1-gen-2018 What is semantic in semantic dementia? The decay of knowledge of physical entities but not of verbs, numbers and body parts Silveri, Maria Caterina; Brita, Anna Clelia; Liperoti, Rosa; Piludu, Francesca; Colosimo, Cesare
1-gen-2019 What is the role played by pregnancy in the construction of a woman’s identity and her association with her child-to-be? Ionio, C.; Smorti, M.; Mascheroni, E.; Ongaro, G.; Cattaneo, E.; Gemignani, A.; Von Wunster, S.; Bonassi, L.
1-gen-2012 What kind of integration between qualitative and quantitative measures in spatial-deficit recovery? Neuropsychological evidence for the assessment and intervention Balconi, Michela; Sozzi, Matteo
1-gen-2013 What kind of relationship between CNC, DRS scales and ERP measure in DOC (Disorders of Consciousness) patients? A semantic association task Balconi, Michela; Arangio, R.
1-gen-2010 What our words say about us. The effects of writing and language Pennebaker, James; Facchin, Federica; Margola, Davide
1-gen-2011 When a motor task resembles a linguistic task: the contribution of the N400 ERP effect Caldiroli, Cristina Liviana; Balconi, Michela
Mostrati risultati da 3.699 a 3.718 di 3.756
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