Sfoglia per Afferenza MILANO - Dipartimento di Matematica per le Scienze economiche, finanziarie ed attuariali (DiMSEFA)

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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2018 The determinants of Italian firms’ technological competencies and capabilities Zoia, Maria; Barbieri, Laura; Cortelezzi, Flavia; Marseguerra, Giovanni
1-gen-2002 Different solutions in Vector Optimization: a Characterization by a special scalarization Miglierina, Enrico; Molho, E; Zaffaroni, A.
1-gen-2016 A Different Way to Look at Random Variables Castagnoli, Erio; De Donno, Marzia; Favero, Gino; Modesti, Paola
1-gen-2017 Directed clustering in weighted networks: A new perspective Clemente, Gian Paolo; Grassi, Rosanna
1-gen-2024 A Discrete Risk-Theory Approach to Manage Equity-Linked Policies in an Incomplete Market Della Corte, Francesco; Marzorati, Francesca
1-gen-2020 Discriminants of number fields and surjectivity of trace homomorphism on rings of integers Battistoni, Francesco
1-gen-2022 Disruption of Life Insurance Profitability in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic Carannante, Maria; D'Amato, Valeria; Fersini, Paola; Forte, Salvatore; Melisi, Giuseppe
1-gen-2019 Does the past count? Sovereign debt during the Classical Gold Standard through the lenses of Mover Stayer and Markov Chain models Bragoli, Daniela; Ferretti, Camilla; Ganugi, Piero; Grossi, Luigi; Ianulardo, Giancarlo
1-gen-2020 Does the “uptick rule” stabilize the stock market? Insights from adaptive rational equilibrium dynamics Dercole, F.; Radi, Davide
1-gen-2019 Double continuation regions for American and Swing options with negative discount rate in Levy models De Donno, Marzia; Palmowski, Zbigniew; Tumilewicz, Joanna
1-gen-2018 Dynamic Asset Allocation with Default and Systemic Risks Sbuelz, Alessandro
1-gen-2018 Dynamic asset allocation with default and systemic risks Sbuelz, Alessandro
1-gen-2012 Dynamic investment strategies for corporate pension funds in the presence of sponsor risk Martellini, Lionel; Milhau, Vincent; Tarelli, Andrea
1-gen-2016 Dynamic modeling in renewable resource exploitation Lamantia, F.; Radi, Davide; Sbragia, Lucia
1-gen-2019 Dynamics of a generalized fashion cycle model Sushko, Iryna; Gardini, L.; Matsuyama, K.
1-gen-2021 Dynamics of a two-dimensional map on nested circles and rings Gardini, L.; Sushko, Iryna; Tramontana, Fabio
1-gen-2023 Editorial on the Special Issue on Insurance: complexity, risks and its connection with social sciences Zappa, Diego; Clemente, Gian Paolo; Della Corte, Francesco; Savelli, Nino
1-gen-2018 The Effect of Financial Constraints on R&D Investments Bragoli, Daniela; Cortelezzi, Flavia; Giannoccolo, Pierpaolo; Marseguerra, Giovanni
1-gen-2018 The Effect of Non-Proportional Reinsurance: A Revision of Solvency II Standard Formula Clemente, Gian Paolo
1-gen-2014 The Effect of Risky Debt on R&D Investment Marseguerra, Giovanni; Bragoli, Daniela; Cortelezzi, Flavia
Mostrati risultati da 90 a 109 di 477
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