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1-gen-2022 Mimetic representations of the COVID-19 pandemic: An analysis of objectification, anchoring, and identification processes in coronavirus memes de Saint Laurent, Constance; Glăveanu, Vlad; Literat, Ioana
1-gen-2021 Creativity: A Very Short Introduction Glăveanu, V. P.
1-gen-2021 Injecting creativity in society for possible futures of improved ethics and equity. Corazza, G. E.; Glaveanu, V. P.; Kaufman, J. C.
1-gen-2021 Internet Memes as Partial Stories: Identifying Political Narratives in Coronavirus Memes de Saint Laurent, C.; Glaveanu, V. P.; Literat, I.
1-gen-2021 Affective mobilities: migration, emotion and (im)possibility Glaveanu, V. P.; Womersley, G.
1-gen-2021 Meta-Intelligence: Understanding, Control, and Interactivity between Creative, Analytical, Practical, and Wisdom-Based Approaches in Problem Solving Sternberg, Robert J; Glaveanu, Vlad; Karami, Sareh; Kaufman, James C; Phillipson, Shane N; Preiss, David D
1-gen-2021 Building off creativity to move from gifted to gifting Glaveanu, V.; Kaufman, J. C.
1-gen-2021 New Frontiers in Creativity, Learning, and Technology Research Glăveanu, Vlad; Ness, Ingunn Johanne; de Saint Laurent, Constance
1-gen-2021 Social Media Responses to the Pandemic: What Makes a Coronavirus Meme Creative Glaveanu, V. P.; de Saint Laurent, C.
1-gen-2020 The teacher’s role in the relationship between creativity and outdoor education: A review of the literature. Guerra, M.; Villa, F. V.; Glăveanu, V. P.
1-gen-2020 “The principles are good, but they need to be integrated in the right way”: Experimenting with creativity in elite youthsoccer Rasmussen, L. J. T.; Glaveanu, V. P.; Ostergaard, L. D.
1-gen-2020 Mobilities and human possibility Glăveanu, V. P.
1-gen-2020 A Sociocultural Theory of Creativity: Bridging the Social, the Material, and the Psychological Glaveanu, V. P.
1-gen-2020 Creative Learning in Digital and Virtual Environments: Opportunities and Challenges of Technology-Enabled Learning and Creativity Glaveanu, V. P.; Ness, I. J.; de Saint Laurent, C.
1-gen-2020 Creative Learning in Digital and Virtual Environments During COVID-19 and Beyond Glăveanu, Vlad P.; Beghetto, Ronald A.; Benvenuti, Martina; Bourgeois-Bougrine, Samira; Chaudet, Claude; Chirico, Alice; Emanuele Corazza, Giovanni; de Saint Laurent, Constance; Dysthe, Olga; Essonnier, Nataly; Gaggioli, Andrea; Kynigos, Chronis; Mazzoni, Elvis; Johanne Ness, Ingunn; Trgalová, Jana
1-gen-2020 Potential in Creativity: Individual, Social, Material Perspectives, and a Dynamic Integrative Framework Corazza, G. E.; Glaveanu, V. P.
1-gen-2020 The Possible: A Sociocultural Theory Glăveanu, V. P.
1-gen-2020 Malevolent Creativity and Social Media: Creating Anti-immigration Communities on Twitter de Saint Laurent, C.; Glaveanu, V.; Chaudet, C.
1-gen-2020 Creativity, Learning and Technology: Opportunities, Challenges and New Horizons Glaveanu, Vlad P.; Ness, Ingunn Johanne; de Saint Laurent, Constance
1-gen-2020 (Un)sustainable creativity? Different manager-employee perspectives in the finnish technology sector Lemmetty, S.; Glaveanu, V. P.; Collin, K.; Forsman, P.
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