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1-gen-2022 Carbon footprint of raw milk for direct human consumption produced in Po Valley: Data input uncertainties and effect on output variance Froldi, Federico; Lamastra, Lucrezia; Corrado, Sara; Moschini, Maurizio
1-gen-2021 Evaluation of the influence on water consumption and water scarcity of different healthy diet scenarios Zucchinelli, Maria; Spinelli, Rosangela; Corrado, Sara; Lamastra, Lucrezia
1-gen-2021 Benchmarking of carbon footprint data from the Italian wine sector: A comprehensive and extended analysis D'Ammaro, D.; Capri, E.; Valentino, F.; Grillo, S.; Fiorini, E.; Lamastra, L.
1-gen-2021 A multi-criteria approach to evaluate the sustainability performances of wines: the Italian red wine case study D'Ammaro, D.; Capri, E.; Valentino, F.; Grillo, S.; Fiorini, E.; Lamastra, L.
1-gen-2021 From waste to resource: Biowafer project Lamastra, L.; Baggio, T.; Casu, G.; Cominelli, F.; Maestri, E.; Marmiroli, N.; Mazzoni, E.; Reguzzi, C.; Spinelli, R.; Voccia, D.; Trevisan, M.
1-gen-2020 Use of multiple indicators to compare sustainability performance of organic vs conventional vineyard management Borsato, E.; Zucchinelli, M.; D'Ammaro, D.; Giubilato, E.; Zabeo, A.; Criscione, P.; Pizzol, L.; Cohen, Y.; Tarolli, P.; Lamastra, L.; Marinello, F.
1-gen-2019 Contribution of different life cycle stages to the greenhouse gas emissions associated with three balanced dietary patterns Corrado, S; Luzzani, G; Trevisan, M; Lamastra, L
1-gen-2019 LIFE TTGG: improving the supply chain efficiency of European hard or semi-hard PDO cheeses by development of an Environmental Decision Supporting System (EDSS) for Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) assessment Froldi, Federico; Trevisan, Marco; Masoero, Francesco; Lamastra, Lucrezia; Moschini, Maurizio
1-gen-2019 Vigneto: A GIS-based model to evaluate environmental impact of pesticide use in vineyards D'Ammaro, Daniele; Lamastra, Lucrezia
1-gen-2019 Use of multiple indicators to compare sustainability performance of organic vs conventional vineyard management Borsato, Eros; Zucchinelli, Maria; D'Ammaro, Daniele; Giubilato, Elisa; Zabeo, Alex; Criscione, Paolo; Pizzol, Lisa; Cohen, Yafit; Tarolli, Paolo; Lamastra, Lucrezia; Marinello, Francesco
1-gen-2019 Comparison of Water-focused Life Cycle Assessment and Water Footprint Assessment: The case of an Italian wine Borsato, E.; Giubilato, E.; Zabeo, A.; Lamastra, L.; Criscione, P.; Tarolli, P.; Marinello, F.; Pizzol, L.
1-gen-2018 Sewage sludge for sustainable agriculture: contaminants’ contents and potential use as fertilizer Lamastra, Lucrezia; Suciu, Nicoleta Alina; Trevisan, Marco
1-gen-2018 Groundwater nitrate contamination and agricultural land use: A grey water footprint perspective in Southern Apulia Region (Italy) Serio, Francesca; Miglietta, Pier Paolo; Lamastra, Lucrezia; Ficocelli, Salvatore; Intini, Francesca; De Leo, Federica; De Donno, Antonella
1-gen-2018 Water footprint and economic water productivity of Italian wines with appellation of origin: Managing sustainability through an integrated approach Miglietta, Pier Paolo; Morrone, Domenico; Lamastra, Lucrezia
1-gen-2018 Allevamento animale e sostenibilità ambientale. Vol. 2: Le tecnologie Moschini, Maurizio; Froldi, Federico; Lamastra, Lucrezia; Masoero, Francesco; Pallaroni, Lea; Zaupa, Roberto
1-gen-2017 Virtual water trade of agri-food products: Evidence from italian-chinese relations Lamastra, Lucrezia; Miglietta, Pier Paolo; Toma, Pierluigi; De Leo, Federica; Massari, Stefania
1-gen-2016 Environmental impact of an Italian wine bottle: Carbon and water footprint assessment Bonamente, Emanuele; Scrucca, Flavio; Rinaldi, Sara; Merico, Maria Cleofe; Asdrubali, Francesco; Lamastra, Lucrezia
1-gen-2016 Indicatori di sostenibilità Maura, ; Calliera, Maura; Lamastra, Lucrezia; Novelli, Elisa; Capri, Ettore
1-gen-2016 A novel fuzzy expert system to assess the sustainability of the viticulture at the wine-estate scale Lamastra, Lucrezia; Balderacchi, Matteo; Di Guardo, Andrea; Monchiero, Matteo; Trevisan, Marco
1-gen-2016 Inclusion of emerging organic contaminants in groundwater monitoring plans Lamastra, Lucrezia; Balderacchi, Matteo; Trevisan, Marco
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 34
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