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1-gen-2022 The complexity of remote learning: a neuroergonomical discussion Cassioli, Federico; Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2022 Neuroassessment in sports: an integrative approach for performance and potential evaluation in athletes Crivelli, Davide; Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2022 ADV at the time of COVID-19, Brain effect between emotional engagement and purchase intention Sansone, Martina; Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2022 Two sides of the same medal? Reward mechanisms between motivational drives and psychopathology Balconi, Michela; Angioletti, Laura
1-gen-2022 An electrophysiological study applied to remote learning: preliminary results from an hyperscanning paradigm Cassioli, Federico; Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2022 Advertising in app: a neuroscientific approach Cassioli, F; Balconi, M
1-gen-2022 Interoceptive attentiveness and autonomic reactivity in pain observation Angioletti, Laura; Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2022 Wearable neurofeedback training for boosting attention regulation at the wheel Crivelli, Davide; Angioletti, Laura; Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2022 Face-to-face vs. remote digital settings in job assessment interviews: a multilevel hyperscanning protocol for the investigation of interpersonal attunement Balconi, Michela; Fronda, G.; Cassioli, Federico; Crivelli, Davide
1-gen-2022 Aching face and hand: the interoceptive attentiveness and social context in relation to empathy for pain Balconi, Michela; Angioletti, Laura
1-gen-2022 Autonomic system tuning during gesture observation and reproduction Balconi, Michela; Fronda, G.
1-gen-2022 Wireless eye-tracking technology application and self-report measures to explore users’ approach to Smart Home Systems (SHS) Angioletti, Laura; Cassioli, Federico; Balconi, Michela
1-gen-2022 Exploring the embodiment of a virtual hand in a spatially augmented respiratory biofeedback setting Barresi, G.; Marinelli, A.; Caserta, G.; de Zambotti, M.; Tessadori, J.; Angioletti, Laura; Boccardo, N.; Freddolini, M.; Mazzanti, D.; Deshpande, N.; Frigo, C. A.; Balconi, Michela; Gruppioni, E.; Laffranchi, M.; De Michieli, L
1-gen-2022 Neuroscience and competitive behavior Balconi, Michela; Angioletti, Laura
1-gen-2022 Consumers in the face of COVID-19-related advertising: threat or boost effect? Balconi, M.; Sansone, M.; Angioletti, L.
1-gen-2022 Interoceptive attentiveness induces significantly more PFC activation during a synchronized linguistic task compared to a motor task as revealed by Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Balconi, M.; Angioletti, L.
1-gen-2022 Tracking eye-gaze in smart home systems (SHS): first insights from eye-tracking and self-report measures Cassioli, F.; Angioletti, L.; Balconi, M.
1-gen-2022 The teaching brain: beyond the science of teaching and educational neuroscience Gola, G.; Angioletti, L.; Cassioli, F.; Balconi, M.
1-gen-2022 Judgment and embodied cognition of lawyers. moral decision-making and interoceptive physiology in the legal field Angioletti, L.; Tormen, F.; Balconi, M.
1-gen-2022 Wearable neurotechnologies for neurocognitive empowerment in applied contexts Crivelli, Davide; Fronda, Giulia; Angioletti, Laura; Spinosa, C.; Balconi, Michela
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 854
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