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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-1996 (1+1)-dimensional Yang-Mills theories in light cone gauge Nardelli, Giuseppe; Bassetto, Antonio
1-gen-1998 A Class of Two Dimensional Yang-Mills Vacua and their Relation to the Non Linear Sigma Model Nardelli, Giuseppe; Bassetto, Antonio
1-gen-1991 A Flat Chern-Simons gauge theory for (2+1)-dimensional gravity coupled to point particles Nardelli, Giuseppe; Grignani, Gianluca
1-gen-2001 A note on the Kastler-Kalau-Walze theorem and the spectral action principle Coiai, Fabrizio; Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2006 A Solution to the 4-tachyon off-shell amplitude in cubic string field theory Nardelli, Giuseppe; Forini, Valentina; Grignani, Gianluca
1-gen-2010 Ab-initio calculations of all-optical time-resolved calorimetry of nanosized systems: Evidence of nanosecond-decoupling of electron and phonon temperatures Banfi, Francesco; Pressacco, Federico; Revaz, Bernard; Giannetti, Claudio; Nardi, Damiano; Ferrini, Gabriele; Parmigiani, Fulvio
1-gen-2022 Action complexity in the presence of defects and boundaries Auzzi, Roberto; Baiguera, Stefano; Bonansea, Sara; Nardelli, Giuseppe
1-gen-2010 Adiabaticity Conditions for Volatility Smile in Black-Scholes Pricing Model Spadafora, Luca; Berman, Gennady P.; Borgonovi, Fausto
1-gen-1993 An application of geometric quantization and coherent states to vortex theory Penna, Vittorio; Spera, Mauro
1-gen-2020 Book Reviewed: A. E. McGrath, A Theory of Everything (That Matter): A Short Guide to Einstein, Relativity and the Future of Faith, Hodder & Stoughton, London (UK), 2019 Mantini, Alessandro
1-gen-2020 Book Reviewed: W. Smith, Physics and Vertical Causation. The end of the Quantum World, Angelico Press, Brooklyn (NY), 2019. Mantini, Alessandro
1-gen-1993 Canonical analysis of Poincare gauge theories for two-dimensional gravity Nardelli, Giuseppe; Grignani, Gianluca
1-gen-2012 Chaos and Statistical Relaxation in Quantum Systems of Interacting Particles Santos L, F; Borgonovi, Fausto; Izrailev F, M.
1-gen-1993 Chern-Simons gravity from (3+1)-dimensional gravity Nardelli, Giuseppe; Grignani, Gianluca
1-gen-1995 Classical conformal solutions of two-dimensional Euclidean scalar electrodynamics with topological coupling Nardelli, Giuseppe
1-gen-2016 Collective couplings: Rectification and supertransmittance Schaller, Gernot; Giusteri, Giulio Giuseppe; Celardo, Giuseppe Luca
1-gen-2018 Complexity and action for warped AdS black holes Auzzi, Roberto; Baiguera, Stefano; Grassi, Matteo; Nardelli, Giuseppe; Zenoni, Nicolo'
1-gen-2014 Cooperative robustness to dephasing: Single-exciton superradiance in a nanoscale ring to model natural light-harvesting systems Lussardi, Luca; Celardo, Giuseppe; Borgonovi, Fausto; Poli, Paolo
1-gen-2010 Cosmological rolling solutions of nonlocal theories Nardelli, Giuseppe; Calcagni, Gianluca
1-gen-2012 Creation of Two-Particle Entanglement in Open Macroscopic Quantum Systems Merkli, Marco; Berman, Gp; Borgonovi, Fausto; Tsifrinovich, Vi
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 132
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