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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) File
1-gen-2014 A novel stable isotope labelling assisted workflow from improved untargeted LC-HRMS based metabolomics research Bueschl, Christoph; Kluger, Bernhard; Lemmens, Marc; Adam, Gerhard; Wiesenberger, Gerlinde; Maschietto, Valentina; Marocco, Adriano; Strauss, Joseph; Bodi, Stephan; Thallinger, Gerhard G.; Krska, Rudolf; Schuhmacher, Rainer
1-gen-2014 Abutilon theophrasti's root associated microorganisms support hydroxylation-dependent benzoxalinone detoxification and degradation Schulz, Margot; Kia, Sevda Haghi; Sicker, Dieter; Paetz, Christian; Schneider, Bernd; Mondani, Letizia; Ganimede, Cristina; Tabaglio, Vincenzo; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2009 An integrated approach shows different use of water resources from Mediterranean maquis species in a coastal dune ecosystem Mereu, Simone; Salvatori, Elisabetta; Fusaro, Lina; Gerosa, Giacomo Alessandro; Muys, B.; Manes, Fausto
1-gen-2010 Analysis of cell size and endopolyploidy level in the mutant defective endosper-18 (de18) of maize Lanubile, Alessandra; Kladnik, Ales; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2013 Analysis of the cross-talk between maize and Fusarium verticillioides revealed by RNA-Sequencing. Lanubile, Alessandra; Maschietto, Valentina; Falasconi, Irene; Ferrarini, Alberto; Bellin, Diana; Delledonne, Massimo; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2010 Anthocyanins: the secret of Sicilian blood oranges Licciarrdello, Concetta; Russo, M. L.; Bernardi, Jamila; Butelli, E.; Chiusano, M. L.; Martin, C.; Marocco, Adriano; Reforgiato Recupero, Giuseppe
1-gen-2014 Aroma quality of fruits of wild and cultivated strawberry (Fragaria spp.) in relation to the flavour-related gene expression. Bianchi, Giulia; Lovazzano, Andrea; Lanubile, Alessandra; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2014 Aroma quality of fruits of wild and cultivated strawberry (Fragaria spp.) in relation to the flavour-related gene expression. Bianchi, Giulia; Lovazzano, Andrea; Lanubile, Alessandra; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2015 Association of fungal effectors with pathogenicity of Fusarium oxysporum isolates on soybean. Ellis, Margaret; Lanubile, Alessandra; Garcia, Charlie; Munkvold, Gary
1-gen-2011 Auxin content, cell size and endoreduplication level in the mutant defective endosperm-18. Lanubile, Alessandra; Kladnik, Ales; Bernardi, Jamila; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2016 The Auxin-Deficient Defective Kernel18 (dek18) Mutation Alters the Expression of Seed-Specific Biosynthetic Genes in Maize Bernardi, Jamila; Li, Qin Bao; Gao, Yangbin; Zhao, Yunde; Battaglia, Raffaella; Marocco, Adriano; Chourey, Prem S.
1-gen-2012 BOA Detoxification of Four Summer Weeds during Germination and Seedling Growth. Schulz, Margot; Marocco, Adriano; Tabaglio, Vincenzo
1-gen-2014 Breeding maize for resistance to Fusarium ear rot: a candidate gene approach from the integration of metabolomics and transcriptomics. Maschietto, Valentina; Lanubile, Alessandra; Battaglia, Raffaella; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2014 Breeding Maize for Resistance to Mycotoxins Lanubile, Alessandra; Maschietto, Valentina; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2012 La Colllezione Sernagiotto - Raccolta di semi di piante agrarie e infeste Tabaglio, Vincenzo; Marocco, Adriano
1-gen-2014 Communicating across generations: the Bsister Language Bernardi, Jamila; Battaglia, Raffaella; Marocco, Adriano; Villa Roig, Irma
1-gen-2015 Comparative transcriptome of soybean interactions with pathogenic and non-pathogenic isolates of Fusarium oxysporum. Lanubile, Alessandra; Muppirala, Usha; Severin, Andrew; Marocco, Adriano; Munkvold, Gary
1-gen-2015 Comparison of methods for the recovery of PCR-compatible genomic DNA from an agricultural biogas plant. Stagnati, Lorenzo; Lanubile, Alessandra; Marudelli, Mariangela; Marocco, Adriano; Busconi, Matteo
1-gen-2012 Defective endosperm 18 (De18) encodes a seed-specific YUCCA 1 protein essential for IAA biosynthesis, normal endosperm development and seed mass in maize. Bernardi, Jamila; Li, Qin Bao; Kumar, Dibyendu; Lanubile, Alessandra; Marocco, Adriano; Choury, Prem
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 79
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